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Most people dream of having that perfect set of teeth so that they can smile without care or flash their Hollywood smile without shame. But not everyone is lucky to be born with good teeth and fixing these using braces is one of the many options available.

Usually, braces treatment is done when someone is still young and the teeth adjustments are easier to carry out. This doesn’t mean, though, that if someone is way passed their youth, they can no longer wear braces. These days, with the many types of technology available for this treatment, brace wearing offers no limitations with age. It may, however, be slightly more expensive than average braces.

Braces cost depends on many factors, including the severity of the condition, the choice on the type of braces, the duration of the procedure, and the orthodontist who will be giving the treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces
With traditional metal braces no longer the viable option for adults to wear because it doesn’t seem so pleasant to look at especially with professionals, more and more people are choosing to get ceramic braces. These braces are less noticeable when worn. They are durable but they may require a lot of cleaning to avoid staining. The cost for this usually average to about $5,000.

Lingual Braces
Lingual braces also help with the visibility factor. This is still made of metal just like traditional braces. But the appliance is set at the back of the mouth, instead of the front for all to see. The cost of lingual braces start at $3,000 and can go higher, depending on the extent of the problem and other fixes the dentist may need to do.

Invisalign is a really popular dental product. It’s a fairly new technology, given that it was only introduced in the market in the last few years. This type is made with the patient’s utmost convenience in mind, while making sure that the treatment is not compromised. There is a tray system to this treatment, but it’s not something an adult won’t be able to handle. Starting price for Invisalign is about $3,500 but it can go as high as $12,000, depending on the patient’s case. Many adults who work in a professional environment consider wearing this instead of other types of braces because of the convenience of use. It’s very easy to manage Invisalign, as it doesn’t disrupt other activities like eating, or having to speak with important clients. It’s also easier to clean than traditional braces.

There are other options for adult braces. There’s always a cosmetic dentist who makes improvements to braces treatment all the time. Bear in mind though that a big factor to choosing what to use will really depend on what needs to be done to the teeth. Some of these highly advanced braces systems may not be applicable for all types of cases.

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