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Going on a holiday? Need a car on rental? Well yes, that’s a great idea and definitely the way to go. However, the question remains have you really thought of how much this rental could cost. Well the idea is to get affordable car rental insurance without burning a big enough hole in your pocket. Most are confused about how exactly they should go about it, but it can get rather easy if you know how to avoid the traps laid by the insurance companies to fleece you of your hard earned money. The best thing always remains thorough research and finding out the best car insurance companies. An indispensable part of this, of course, remains avoiding these traps.

Avoid The Rental Car Insurance Traps and Enjoy An Affordable Deal

How to get an Affordable Car Rental Insurance

You can easily get affordable car rental insurance if you know how to avoid the basic traps laid by the insurance companies. Follow the tips discussed below and you’re sure to get the best deal for yourself.

  1. Always go for the Basic Package:
  2. The idea remains to go for the basic package initially. Most car insurance companies try selling you the add-ons, but you should take care to avoid them if not absolutely necessary. Actually these add ons are ways to rake in further profits. There are of course a few authentic places where you could get the right advice regarding the proper add ons which are actually going to prove useful ultimately. Protect Your Bubble affordable car rental insurance is something definitely worth looking into from this perspective.

  1. Get your Own Accessories Like Child Seats:
  2. Another thing you should keep in mind is that excessive accessories in case of rental cars actually pile on the costs and this can prove to be a waste of money. Of course when you’re traveling to a far off destination, then it’s really not possible to carry accessories like child seats along. However, when it’s possible, please do so. It can only benefit you financially and nothing less.

  1. Sometimes it’s Good to Ignore the Sales Banter:
  2. Believe it or not, but sometimes it can actually prove to be a good idea if you actually ignore the sales banter that you’re likely to encounter at the sales desk. Yes, if you’re not aware of certain rental insurance aspects, then you’d end up asking at the sales desk. But at the same times it’s always advisable that you conduct thorough research beforehand so that you know exactly what’s needed. Going by what they’ve got to say at the sales desk can be highly misleading and you’ll eventually end up spending a lot more than desired.

  1. Make a proper Note of Any Damage to the Rental Car:
  2. Another way to get affordable car rental insurance means you should ensure that you’re not liable for any damage payments. To achieve this end you should make it a point to cross check the car in question thoroughly for even the minimal of scratches or dents. If there’s any, get it noted immediately. Also, it’s advisable to take pictures of the car from all possible angles or perhaps videos as this can prove handy evidence later in case you receive a damage bill.

  1. Keep a Tab on your Credit Card Statements: 
  2. Also make it a point to keep an eye on your credit card statements a few days down the line to ensure that the excess charges and fuel payments have actually been returned as per their promise.

Keep in mind the above tips or even better visit to get the most affordable rental car insurance possible.