Avoiding British Gas Price Rises This Winter

Avoiding British Gas Price Rises This Winter

Recent news reveal that British Gas has hiked its prices by at least 7% which means that customers should at least expect a gas bill with an increase of at least €80. This seems like a very hard bargain for most people especially with winter just being around the corner.

The winter season records the highest amounts of gas consumption since most people are stuck indoors. So how can you avoid the British Gas prices hike which is expected to be put in place by mid November?

Reduce Your Gas Consumption
Note that, most people use gas for space heating purposes. So you can avoid high consumption of gas by ensuring that your home is well-insulated to avoid any leakage of air. Also ensure that your heating systems are efficient to avoid over-use. By doing these improvements in your home you can guarantee lower gas consumption and eventually avoid the British Gas prices hike during this winter season.

Check for Leaks (Air Leaks)
If you want to ensure that your home is well-sealed you can enlist the services of a home performance contractor to seal all the air-leaks in your house. Also make sure that you insulate every place in the house, for instance the attic, the walls, the floor to prevent drafts. During the winter season, homes without proper insulation tend to consume a lot of gas but if all the proper insulation measures are in place, the house will become warmer, drier and also discourage the appearance of molds.

Make sure that you insulate and seal all the ducts. Note that, any leakage in the ducts can create imbalances with regard to pressure inside the house thus spiking the gas consumption in your home. Make sure that all the ducts in the combustion furnaces are completely sealed. Use mastic to seal all the ducts which is specifically designed to seal these heating ducts.

On the other hand, if you have a wooden fireplace ensure there is a damper placed inside the flue. Close it when the fireplace is not in use to avoid extra gas consumption. Install curtains on your windows or glass doors which will trap warmth and keep the house warm. Also check whether your doors and windows have leaks or drafts and add necessary weather stripping to avoid them.

Install Controls
Make sure you use low-flow showerheads to avoid high consumption of gas in your house this winter. You can also install a thermostat which will lower temperatures in your house at any time when the rooms are not occupied. If you want to keep the air inside your house mixed, make sure you install ceiling fans which help in circulation of air in the house.

Change Suppliers
One last measure to guarantee low gas consumption during this winter season is by choosing some of the lowest tariffs provided by British Gas or switch providers. Choose the tariffs that suit you and all your needs and at the same time reduce your daily consumption to ensure that you don’t pay a huge gas bill for the whole winter season.

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The writer, Phil Turner, would love to have gas-fired central heating, but there are no gas pipes down irish country lanes. Even British Gas prices are lower than Irish kerosene ones.

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