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A lot of planning goes into making any leisure trip a success. At the same time, it cannot be denied that taking a vacation can be a costly undertaking. For these reasons, it is advisable that tourists make the most of their leisure trip when they take one. Bursa, one of the large cities in Turkey, is one of the great tourist destinations in the country. In fact, the varied tourist attractions in the city are the major reason why foreign tourists visit this area. Indeed, with the historically significant locations and numerous fun activities, it is no wonder that many people prefer this destination.

Awesome Attractions of Bursa, Turkey

As opposed to other popular destinations, the awesome destinations of Bursa include both beautiful locations and exciting fun activities. In line with this, the city is known to cater to the needs of tourists of all ages. As such, it is suitable for family vacations.

Cable Car Rides

The cable car rides provide something much different from the historical attractions of the city. The major advantage of the rides is that they are available throughout the year. These cable car rides are usually in high demand during summer. At this time, tourists enjoy being transported from the scorching heat of the city to the cooler air around the mountains. Tourists can be sure to enjoy panoramic views while taking their ride.

Awesome Attractions Of Bursa, Turkey

Tombs of Osman and Orhan

This location provides tourists with an amazing chance to get real insight into the past. As a result, this is one of the major attractions that keep tourists coming to Bursa. The beautifully decorated tombs have important historical significance, including a stroll in front of the tombs of the real founders of the Ottoman Empire. Although the tombs were damaged by earthquakes, significant efforts have been directed towards rebuilding them in the original style. Lastly, it is important to note that all visitors are required to remove their shoes when they visit this location.

Culture Park

Various stakeholders have ensured that this becomes one of the awesome attractions of Bursa. In this regard, the landscape of the park underwent a major facelift. Today, the park has beautiful tea gardens, park benches, cafes and playing areas for children. In addition, tourists can hire rowing boats and visit the Bursa Archeology Museum during their visit to the park.


This is another area from where any tourist can learn the rich history of the city and explore various tourist attractions. However, the area is more famous for its spas and the mineral-rich waters that are said to spring from Mount Uludag. In fact, so much importance is attached to the water that fresh mineral water is piped to homes around the city. More to this, sightseers have the option of visiting the Royal Mosque.

Turkish Baths

This is a great way to get lost in the Turkey experience. Visitors get to take a relaxing bath in a warm room before going for a massage and finally resting in a cool environment.

It is clear that any tourist who visits Bursa is bound to learn a lot. For history lovers, this will be an exciting and memorable experience. However, foreign tourists cannot explore these sites without obtaining a visa. For this reason, travellers must ensure that they are aware of all Turkey travel visa requirements when applying for a visa.

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