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Back to School Time Doesn’t Have to Be Bust the Bank Time
When the kids are enjoying the final days of freedom before heading back to the classrooms they are making the most of every single day. However, their parents are often feeling stress over having to spend loads of money on back to school clothing, notebooks, backpacks and other necessities kids need. Here are a few tips which can help you ease into the new school year without going bankrupt.

Plan Ahead
While it may be too late this year, you definitely should plan ahead. You can find some terrific deals on fall clothing during the later winter months as well as outstanding bargains on backpacks, lunchboxes and book bags during the off season. You also can find bargains in late September and October on these items as this is when retailers mark down back to school items so if possible, hold off buying some items so that you can grab some deals.

Take an Inventory of What You Have
Since it’s been a few months since school has been in session, you may have forgotten what your child has. Jot down a list of what your child needs for the upcoming school year then walk through the house to see if he or she already has those items. You may be very happy to discover that you don’t need to buy half of what you thought you did. It really does pay to take an inventory to see what you have and what you need to spend money on.

Get into the Habit of Cutting Coupons
You can save tons of money by hunting down, cutting out and redeeming coupons good for discounts on everything from iPads to clothing. Scour the local newspapers and hunt around online at coupon websites to see what coupons are out there that you can use. There are even coupon apps out there for smartphones which makes it easy to grab some discount codes on specific brands.

Buy Second Hand
Instead of driving by those yard sales you pass every now and then, pull over, park your car and go see what is for sale. You are sure to run across shoes, boots, hats, coats, clothing, book bags, backpacks and lots more as many parents put their children’s unwanted items up for sale at sales. Also check the second hand stores in town as they too are filled with bargains. Many budget-conscious parents these days are able to buy everything they need to outfit their kids for the new school year right in second hand shops.

Make Trades with Other Parents
You should consider getting together one Saturday with a group of parents you know so that you can trade items among yourselves. You may have a friend down the street who has clothing laying around that doesn’t fit their child anymore but which may fit yours. You can swap all types of things ranging from backpacks to winter jackets and the best part is, no one will have to pay a thing to get the items they need to send their kids back to school fully equipped for the new year.

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