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Background Investigation And Its Necessity In Modern Society

We are living in a fast and turbulent world where crime reports dictate newspaper headlines almost every day. Accounts of mishap and misdeed are now as common in our lives as football and baseball scores once were ages back. While there is no need to be paranoid, there is categorically a need to be careful, even more so when we are welcoming an unknown person inside our home, office, organization or even locality.

What is Background Investigation

Background Investigation is the process of congregation of data about a person’s past criminal records, financial records, employment history, medical records etc. Though background investigation already occupied space in earlier centuries, the significance of it is more reckoning than ever before. A thorough background check not only warns you about potential harmful persons beforehand but also saves you from financial losses, legal hassles and many other difficulties.

Check Before You Hire

Background investigation is of utmost importance when you are interviewing potential candidates for a position in your organization. It can well reveal the following facts out.

–          Fake or manipulated job qualifications

–          Fake academic credentials

–          Criminal records

–          History of violence toward colleagues

–          Suicidal tendency or other psychological problems

–          Medical history preventing the employee from performing tasks necessary for the post etc.

As you can clearly see, if even any one of the above information slips through your radar, you might have a real hard time in the future.  Remember that a company can be reprimanded if an employee is hired without proper background check and turns violent towards another employee. Reference check is also a must while hiring. It can reveal the candidate’s previous employment history and his behavior in the former organization. Although past conviction does not automatically discount someone from getting a job, it truly plays a noteworthy role in understanding the journey from a candidate to person. Lastly, do not forget to check if the candidate has a history of switching jobs frequently. This helps you from having to hire again pretty soon in future.

Double Check Before You Rent

As central it is to check the background of a candidate before hiring, you must be even more conscientious in investigating when you are renting a place to someone. Because the person you choose will be using one of your houses or apartments 24/7 and you would never want someone to play any act of hooliganism within your personal abode.

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There have been multiple recorded incidents where the potential tenant seemed to be of good nature, well paid and without any black past. But everything changes soon after the deal is made. And you would not really like that happen to you.

Remember to always check the below mentioned information.

–          Past criminal records (if any)

–          Genuine income

–          History of violence

–          Reason for renting new flat

–          Marriage history and total number of dependents

–          History with previous landlord

Never under any state of affairs hand over keys to your apartment before proper investigation is done and all necessary legal documents prepared. Pay surprise visits once in a while to catch any wrong doing red handed. Consult in details with the previous landlord to find out any particular habit or information regarding your tenant that might invite troubles to you in future. Always remember fraud has many faces. Never take your potential tenants on face value and get background investigation done for peace of mind and to prevent future headaches.

Check before you get into a Business Relationship

So, you have set up a small business and are looking for potential business partners. One firm comes forward claiming expertise in your field of business and portrays immaculate business record.  You should not be abrupt to entertain trust factor at that place. You could step forward only after a proper background investigation is made.

Business partnerships are most dodgy as it can not only cost you huge money, but endless legal troubles as well. In such cases, it might be wise to hire an experienced private investigator to check the firm’s market credibility, past performance, running legal issues and current profit/loss status. It might cost you a little more but saves you lots of sleepless nights in future.

Remember, there is no shortage of men that might try to take advantage of you in one way or the other. Staying safe through proper background investigation is your only judicious option.

This is a guest post by Charlie Oszvald. Occasional guest blogger on online security and full time blogger on private investigation and background investigation.  Charlie currently represents Beacon Investigation Solutions a private investigation company licensed in 45 states across the US.

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