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Bag Selection: Paper Or Plastic?

Over the years since being introduced, paper bags have evolved somewhat but still manage to remain one of the most popular materials available and used by retailers who provide carrier bags to their consumers. At some point in your life you will have used a carrier bag for whatever reason in some shape or from whether it was plastic, paper or other.

Paper bags have evolved so much that they are now a lot more durable than they used to be and have many other uses in daily life asides from transporting your shopping home from your local supermarket. Due to the shape of some of the paper bags they now allow you to pack and carry more items, are a lot longer lasting and wear well which is why retailers are investing a lot more time, effort and money into the production of these paper bags in order to make them readily available to the consumer.

You may also have noticed that out and about on the high street some of these paper bags that are available appear to becoming fashionable must have items. This is good for the retailer as it means that their bags are popular with current customers which in turn would suggest they will keep returning to the store, but at the same time it will increase awareness to other consumers which should provide more visitors to the store and more importantly higher revenues. Again this is another reason for retailers taking their time and making good investment to make the bag of excellent quality and attractive to the shopper.

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A huge, huge advantage of producing these paper bags and making them available to the shoppers is that they are so much more environment friendly compare to the plastic bags that are also available as an alternative to the paper bag. They also have the advantage if cared for appropriately of being re-used for many times in the future due to their hardwearing durability. Add to that the fact that they are totally biodegradable and recyclable this makes the paper bag a lot more appealing than the plastic bag which is known to release harmful toxins into the atmosphere whilst not being able to decay sufficiently.

You will have noticed that the use of paper bags over plastic bags is a lot more advantageous but at the same time you need to be aware of the affects on the environment and in particular the amount of trees that are being destroyed in order to produce these paper bags.

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