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From the time the Victorians introduced cast iron radiators onto the scene, it was thought the best way to provide heat through the system was by using hot water. After World War II, a new concept appeared in the world of heating which was to force air through heating systems instead. Today, with the re-emergence of cast iron radiators being a more popular choice not only in the home but other environments too, using hot water is once again thought to be the best and most efficient way of achieving the heat needed to warm up a house.

Classic designs that have stood the tests of time so very well
Classic designs that have stood the tests of time so very well

Wonderfully Timeless Ornate Designs

There’s no getting away from the fact that cast iron radiator designs are timeless but what many people do not realise is just how energy efficient they can prove to be when installed in a home or place of business. This naturally means, these traditional radiators are ultra-eco-friendly too, leaving far less of a carbon footprint than other forms of heating on the market today.

Easy Maintenance & Ultra Durable

Not only are these radiators so very pleasing to the eye, but they boast being very easy maintenance as well. It is very rare for internal rust to cause a problem in a heating system due to the fact the quality of the metal used in the fabrication of these radiators is second to none. This in turn means they are also incredibly durable unlike many of their steel and aluminium counterparts which do have a tendency to rust at their bases over time if installed in an area of a property that’s prone to being damp.

New or Refurbished? The Choice is Yours

You have the choice of buying refurbished traditional cast iron radiators with a lot out there to choose from that have been very well restored. However, it often works out a lot less expensive to buy new and again, there’s an amazing choice of colours, finishes and designs to choose from and which you can view over the Internet. It really is a question of personal choice as to whether you buy refurbished radiators or invest in new and ultra-chic designs – but as a rule of thumb new radiators tend to work out a lot less expensive than refurbished ones.

Beautiful designs with a choice of stunning fittings
Beautiful designs with a choice of stunning fittings

Classic Style in the Modern Home

However, it is not only period properties that benefit from the aesthetic look of these classic designs because fitted in a modern home, traditional cast iron radiators look just as good and in fact, more often than not add an interesting feature to many a room that might otherwise have lacked a little character. They are simply “a must have” addition to a bathroom and this includes a design that keeps towels nice and warm for people to use after showering or having enjoyed a relaxing soak in a bath.


With such a marvellous choice of traditional and ultra-modern designer cast iron radiators to choose from, home owners are really spoilt for choice. On the other hand the vast range of designs does mean it is a lot easier to find a classic radiator to suit every room and décor imaginable. This is just one of the reasons, these beautiful heat sources have remained a constant favourite with many Interior Designers and builders alike and why today, discerning home owners choose to install cast iron radiators in their properties over aluminium or steel ones.