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Beautiful Pictures Aim to Please

Glamour shots are a fun way to commemorate special occasions, photograph your best self, or even just to satisfy the desire to feel beautiful and confident. Many people choose glamour shots when they get engaged, when they are graduating from high school, or to mark important milestones in young babies and children’s lives. Whatever the occasion, there are many options available for glamour shots. To make the day as special as possible and to limit glamour photography complaints, it’s best to plan ahead a little bit before the day of the shots.

Consider Makeover Options

Most glamour shots locations will have trained professionals to do hair and make-up before the photo shoot. Clients should always have a good idea of the look they would like to portray. Make-up artists are happy to accommodate a range of looks, from super formal and glamorous to natural and wholesome. Clients must be sure to explain in advance the look they wish to achieve. If someone is more comfortable styling their own hair and make-up, they need to let the staff know. Remember that the professional staff at glamour shots locations will always want to serve their customers in the best possible way.


It’s important to make clothing choices before the photo shoot. Try on each outfit before getting to the photo shoot to eliminate any surprises regarding fit or style. Those taking couple or group shots should choose coordinating outfits. Remember that coordinating wardrobes do not all have to be the same, but they should complement each other. Families might dress in the same color family or theme, while couples might choose two colors that complement each other. Adults with children should make sure the child will be relatively comfortable in what they are wearing to avoid any potential misbehavior due to uncomfortable clothing.

Consider the Appointment Time

Glamour shots appointments for babies, toddlers or young children should be chosen wisely. Children are often thrown off when they face a glitch in the normal routine. Try to get babies in well before nap time. Perhaps the best time for school-aged children is on a weekend when they have had plenty of rest the night before. Consider the child’s general behavior and try to schedule a time when they are most likely to sit happily for the photo shoot.

Be Proactive

In order to avoid glamour photography complaints, clients should try to think of any potential problems or roadblocks before the photo shoot. They should try to control as many variables as possible. Clients cannot be held responsible for the quality of the shot itself, but they can control how they look, what they wear and how they pose for each photograph.

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