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Most women get up and follow a daily beauty and health regime. When it comes to beauty and health, there’s so many dos and don’ts that women are expected to abide by. Although, there are some tips that seem to be a myth. Here are some of beauty’s biggest myths.

Myth: Crossing Your Legs Causes “Spider Veins”

FALSE. This is one of the biggest concerns for women. Varicose veins, or spider veins, are common among older men and women. It’s even a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for removal as it can make several ladies self conscience about the appearance of their legs. It can ruin the warmest months of the year when your legs are exposed to the general public.

So, what really causes these unflattering marks? They are actually caused as a result of several things, but not sitting. It’s a mixture of genetics, obesity, pregnancy and several other factors. They can even result from a hard hit that causes a pool of blood under the skin, such as a car accident.

Myth: Chocolate Causes Acne

FALSE. Chocolate is not linked to causing acne. Acne is caused by a few factors, including genetics, skin upkeep and a few others. Too much of anything is bad for you. So, while eating chocolate doesn’t hurt your skin, it can really expand your waste-line. If you feel the need to indulge, grab a piece of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually has health benefits!

Myth: Cucumbers Reduce Eye Swelling

TRUE. Cucumbers can really have a positive impact on your eyes. Letting them sit on your eyes for a few minutes can reduce the puffiness before you leave your house. It’s also pretty relaxing, so treat yourself to a quick spa treatment. Cucumbers are even a great healthy snack (not the ones you have on your eyes). If you don’t have cucumbers, other cool objects can help assist reduce the swelling by restricting blood vessels.

Myth: Popping Zits Won’t Cause Scarring

FALSE. Keep your hands away from your face at all times. Your hands are covered in bacteria, and as much as you claim to wash your hands, there is still bacteria that can make you sick or break out. Picking and popping zits breaks your skin open. This prolongs the healing of the acne, and you will generally be left with red marks that fade into scars. As tempting as it is, try to keep your hands busy and away from your face.

Stephanie Brown is a skin care specialist and a blogger. She spends much of her time providing advice to friends on how to keep their skin glowing. She often recommends a monthly body wrap and specialty facial treatments.