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Beauty Salon Furniture And Equipment For Your Styling Stations

Buying the right furniture and equipment for your salon’s styling stations is important. This is the area where your clients will spend the most time, and where your stylists will need total functionality. Depending on the size and layout of your salon, your will have endless options when shopping for different chairs, equipment, and mirrored stations. The look and atmosphere you create in your salon will be important, but comfort and functionality will keep your clients coming back for more. With some design assistance or a little creativity, you can have a working yet gorgeous looking salon.

Your styling stations are the most important areas of your salon. You want your client to feel comfortable getting cuts and treatments for long periods of time. This means total comfort. Many salons are installing island stations. Island stations with cabinets and connecting mirrors allow customers to receive their treatments in a more private setting. If your salon does not allow for this type of floor design, wall styling stations work well too. The more personal and private you can make each station, the more relaxing the environment for your client will be and the more room there will be for your stylists to move around.

All-Purpose Salon Chairs

The most important piece of furniture at your station will be all-purpose salon chairs. If your clients are not comfortable receiving their cut or color, they may not return to your salon. This means you need to purchase the best salon chairs possible. High quality beauty salon furniture can really make a difference when it comes to enticing clients to come back. These chairs should be comfortable and maximally functional for your stylist. It will make all the difference in the world for your stylist to have a chair that they can easily raise, lower, and spin around.

Equipment will be important as well. You will need to decide what kind of equipment you want to supply to your stylists. Many will buy or bring their own items. Things like hair dryers, curlers, and scissors may be items you want to provide. Other things that will help your stylists work easily are wheel trays and cabinets. Consider anything mobile that will allow your stylist to work more easily. The service they provide to their clients will make all the difference in your business. Anything you can do to help them will only help your profits.

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To have a successful salon, make sure your styling stations have the best in furniture and equipment. This will make you, your stylists, and your clients very happy.

Eric Blair writes about hair salons and Gamma & Bross Salon Equipment used to properly furnish a beauty spa or a hair salon.

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