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No matter how clean and tidy your house is, the bedroom is one of the few places that seems to get messier every day. There are a number of things you can do that will leave your bedroom looking fresh, clean and tidy every day of the week, no matter how busy you are.

From clearing the clutter of your make-up table to putting your clothes away, blitzing your bedroom couldn’t be easier. They may not seem like big contributions, but fluffing your pillow and making your bed before you go to work means it’s one less job for you when you get home!

Cleaning your bedroom can be a mammoth task, so it’s best to have some inspiration before you get stuck in. Why not try putting on some of your favourite tracks to help you pass the time! From Abba to the Bee Gees, make sure it’s something you can sing along to!

Book Shelves
A lot of the time, a book shelf in the bedroom is the last place people decide to keep books. Usually, book shelves are littered with old junk, torn magazines, train tickets and jewellery that should be kept in more important places. If you’re looking to restore some of your tarnished jewellery that you like to wear every day, why not discover how to clean silver jewellery on a budget, to really clean up your daily life? If your bookshelf is populated by everything but books, get rid of it. Apart from freeing up loads of space, you’ll be able to get extra wardrobes brought in so all your dirty washing will have a place to live once it’s clean!

Bedroom Supplies
In order to keep your bedroom spick and span, you might want to keep a few cleaning items close to hand. If you’ve got a spare drawer, fill it with dusting cloths and furniture polish. This way, you won’t have to go downstairs every time you see a dirty mark on your chest of draws or wooden floor. These cleaning products are also good for electrical items like televisions, radios and sound systems.

A long reach duster is also a great way to get into those hard to reach places, as you don’t want to be on your hands and knees, breaking your back under your bed. If your skin is sensitive to cleaning chemicals, it’s best to buy microfiber cloths for spraying windows and floors!

Computer Desk
For most people, the computer desk is the place where lots of important work is done. So make sure you keep it clear of clutter or you’ll spend more time tidying up instead of getting that spread sheet completed for work. Anything that’s not needed, chuck out, and if the desk is looking a bit empty, why not try buying a bunch of flowers to brighten up the room?

The Laundry
Dirty laundry is one of the biggest culprits of keeping a room messy, but also one of the easiest problems to rectify. First things first – when getting undressed, don’t just chuck your clothes on the floor. This may seem like a simple solution, but having a washing basket handy to store all your dirty clothes will save a lot of floor space!

This post has been written by blogger and freelance writer Zoe, on behalf of Pearl & Butler. Zoe has her own fashion and lifestyle blog that she has been writing for four years, and she loves to share knowledge on how to improve our daily lifestyles.