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Usually, at least once in our lifetime, we will need to make a decision about moving home. Sometimes this is out of necessity such as a new job opportunity or perhaps a growing family; but other times, it is a matter of choice. Whichever of these it is, there are a few factors to consider:

Why Move
This is self explanatory in cases of a new job or expanding family, but sometimes we just feel like having a change, and what better way than making a fresh start in a new home. Thankfully, the process of moving can be quite laborious but it is still good to take time to reflect if you really want to move or whether it is a knee jerk reaction to something that has happened in your life such as a relationship break up. Even if this is not the case though, you should allow yourself a period of time to reflect if this really is the right decision for you.

If, after reflection, you feel that you have made the right decision and wish to move; unless the situation is urgent, now is the time to sit around the kitchen table with others involved in the move and decide what type of property to look for. This applies whether you are buying a large house or even renting a small flat. If you have a good idea of what you want your home to be like for example, olde worlde or modern and the approximate area you want to live in then you will find it easier when it comes to searching.

There is a good chance, even if the new homes is in good condition, that you will want to do some work on it, even if this is a bit of painting and decorating. Although it is nigh impossible to know exactly what you will want to do until you have your new home, it still pays to decide an approximate colour scheme and the type of furnishings that you want. For example, are you happy with your comfortable but slightly tatty furniture or are you going to invest in more modern furniture?

The Minimal Move
Moving is a great time to get rid of stuff that you have probably accumulated over a period of time. Sometimes this can be hard to part with, especially if you have a ‘hoarder’ mentality. Of course, there may well be things that you want to hang on to, especially if they have sentimental value, but even these should be weighed up against the amount of space that they take up. Even without any sentimental items though, there is nearly always good scope to have a clear out. Make sure that you do this when you are in the right frame of mind though otherwise you may find it hard to let go of the past.

The Old Stuff
Having a good clearout, of course, means that you have the problem of getting rid of old stuff that you no longer want to take with you. You could, of course, take this to the local waste tip yourself, but the easiest method is to pay a skip hire company who will not only provide a skip for you to put your waste in, but will also collect and dispose of it, leaving you to focus on the positive aspects of the move.

Tony Kellins is a frelance writer who recently moved home. Taking his own advice, he hired a skip in Nottingham and surprised himeslf how full it was of things that he no longer needed when he moved home recently.