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Bamboo Flooring Looks Elegant, Lasts Long and Costs Less

Bamboo flooring is becoming very popular for several reasons. The two main reasons are the cost and the low environmental impact. These two reasons combine, because the cost is 25 to 50 per cent less than a hardwood floor and bamboo is harder than hardwood, so the floor is stronger.

The bamboo plant reaches maturity in five years, whereas a hardwood tree takes decades. Also, after harvesting, the plant continues to produce new growth that will reach full height in a few months. After that, it takes about five years to be ready to harvest. Bamboo floors save money and forests.

Bamboo is Attractive

Bamboo is a grass not a tree. For this reason the pattern of the grain is distinctive. It has regularly placed slightly darker bands which add texture and interest. It also has tight grain and uniform colour.

The natural colour of bamboo is light, but it is available in darker shades. The darker shades are produced by carbonisation, which is a process of steaming and pressurising the bamboo. The colours can range from almost white to dark brown. The carbonised floor is slightly softer than the natural floor.

The floor also gains beauty by the style of plank construction. There is horizontal or vertical solid construction, strand woven construction and engineered construction. Vertical grain shows the narrow edge of the bamboo and horizontal grain shows the wider edge.

Bamboo flooring is quick to install. It is already finished and sanded, so it can be installed with a minimum of inconvenience. It can be purchased for stapled down, nailed down, glued down or floated installation.

Bamboo is Strong

Bamboo is harder than most hardwoods. Some bamboo samples have received Janka hardness ratings that are higher than maple and almost twice the hardness rating of red oak. It is also very resilient and will not dent after an impact that would dent most hardwoods.

Bamboo is a hollow grass with thin walls. The flooring is made by laminating thin strips cut from the wall. This means there is very little chance for warping, cupping or gapping and it is moisture resistant. It is also resistant to termites and white ants.

Because it grows in tropical places, it is naturally resistant to moisture, which also means it is resistant to spills and stains. It is very easy to clean with a damp mop or sponge.

The Main Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

  • Does not promote dust or harbour dust mites, so it is a good choice for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to clean with a dry or damp cloth. Harsh detergents, abrasive or corrosive cleaners should never be used
  • Much less expensive than hardwood
  • Lasts up to 10 to 25 years depending on the type of finish
  • Can be installed over wood, vinyl tile, oriented strand board or sheathing grade plywood
  • Environmentally friendly from a sustainable source that does not impact the plants or animals in the surroundings. It can be grown with few or no pesticides in a variety of conditions
  • Has very low formaldehyde emissions because the strips are laminated with safe resins
  • If it is damaged for any reason, it is easy to repair. The damaged boards can be removed and replaced whether they are glued down or self-locking

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