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Benefits Of Foil Stamped Business Card Printers

Foil stamping, a kind of commercial printing method makes business cards and other paper products look effortlessly elegant.  Foil stamping is achieved by means of a specialized machine that utilizes heat and pressure with a process similar to engraving and letterpress. This method is also called hot stamping, dry stamping, and leaf stamping. Though the printing process is generally the same there are several types of foil stamping, namely: Flat Foil Stamping, Peripheral Foil Stamping, Sculpted Foil Stamping or Multi-Level Foil Stamping, and Vertical Foil Stamping. Apart from the different technologies, several types of foils are available depending on the desired effect. Metallic foil paper, as the name implies, gives off a polished metallic sheen and usually comes in silver, gold, and copper apart from the usual colors. Special effects pigment foils provide an array of textured effects to choose from such as pearl, grain, and wood. Gloss pigment foil paper, on the other hand, presents a highly glossy look. Holographic foil paper is a specialized paper wherein multidimensional and photographic images are made to appear on the paper. Meanwhile, matte pigment foil paper works similarly as the glossy pigment foil paper albeit with a dry finish.

One benefit of foil stamping is the myriad effects that can be achieved by using a combination of materials and stamping techniques. For example, simple flat foil stamping using a regular metallic foil paper gives off a simple yet regal effect. On the other hand, sculpted foil stamping paired with gloss pigment foil paper offers a sleek and chic finish. This method also allows printing on dark stock possible, as foil is an opaque medium and does not use any ink.

Printing with the foil stamping technique also allows for easier document authentication. Holograms, for example, may be embedded using a highly specialized foil stamping method. These features are not easily available by means of other printing methods such as letterpress, lithography, and thermography.

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Since it is of utmost importance to catch an audience’s attention within the first few professional interaction, utilizing foil stamping techniques in business cards not only adds a touch of style to your otherwise standard presentation, but it also improves that all-around sense of professionalism and elegance. With this kind of style, your chances of standing out among the competiton is heightened, giving you more edge and providing a first impressive pitch to your possible clients.

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