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When a new baby is born, the first thing most people ask is “is it a boy or a girl?”  Once you know the gender, you can go about choosing baby keepsakes gifts with ease.  There are plenty of wonderful baby gifts on the market including onesies, diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles and many other much needed items.  But if you want your baby keepsakes to stand out among the other gifts, you will want to find something more personal.  If the baby is a boy, here are some baby keepsakes ideas that will likely help the mother remember from whom the gift came.

Handprint Kit

Baby handprints kit are a great gift for baby’s 1st birthday for any little boy.  The parents will enjoy helping the child make a handprint and the family will have something to remind them of how small the baby used to be as he grows.  You can buy handprint kits that include paint, cement, or many other products.  If you think the parents would like to hang the print in their home, paint is best.  If they might like a landscape block, cement would work well.

Embroidered Baby Gifts

Anything embroidered and personalized is a good idea for a boy.  You can find custom embroidered baby bedding, clothes, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and many other items that come with embroidery options.  Place the new baby’s name, birthdate, weight, or other pertinent information on the items and they will become even more special to both the parent and the child as he grows.

Car Toys

Many new parents complain that when their new baby sits backwards in the car, he gets bored.  He cannot see the driver and he does not know where they are headed so he cries.  This makes driving hard for any new mom or dad.  There are plenty of baby keepsakes on the market that can help the parent concentrate on driving because the baby is happy and entertained.  Look into safe car toys that can be attached firmly to the seat back in front of the baby, or to the carseat itself.  These toys can help the little boy enjoy rides from the very beginning.

Bedtime Baby Keepsakes

New parents find that bedtime gets to be the hardest time of the day.  They are likely exhausted and all they want to do is go to sleep.  The only way they can do so, however, is if the child is asleep.  If you are a parent, buy the new parent items that worked well for you when your child was young.  A soothing sound CD, a humidifier, a sleep sack, a special  nightlight, or a stuffed animal could all become one of the best things at night.

When the new baby comes into the world, everyone wants to shower him with gifts.  In order to make your gift stand out, you will want to think about the personality of the parents and decide what they really need.  Then, go an extra step and personalize the item in some way.  Baby keepsakes of this nature are items that stick around throughout the child’s life.  The child may attach himself to the item and carry it with him wherever he goes.  Or it may hang on his walls or be present in his room throughout his childhood.  If you want your gift to truly make an impact, think carefully before you make a baby keepsakes purchase.  There are enough items on the market that you should be able to find the perfect gift.

Martha Marks is a busy mom of two, but she still finds time to give tips to consumers that want to buy online gifts for others. She created a special website called for moms who want special gifts and keepsakes..