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Best Foods To Help You Sleep

The season change and so do most peoples habits. As the days get shorter the nights get longer. Look at your habits and see if you need a mini makeover. The majority of people do not get enough sleep, especially with the children back to school, household chores, life stress and work demands that can take their toll. If you spend your nights stressing more than sleeping these tips can help.

Recent research shows that some foods can actually help you fall asleep easier than others. Practice eating mindfully and slowly and you will be counting sheep in no time.

Here are the best fall foods to help you fall asleep.

Most fish can help you fall asleep faster. Especially salmon, this is because the fish naturally has vitamin B6 in it, which is the ingredient needed to make melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone that is triggered by darkness.

Drinking tart cherry juice can help you fall asleep. This is in part why many cough and flu medicine is cherry flavored. Cherry’s and drinking cherry juice can help with insomnia.

Yogurt is healthy for your entire body and it includes a healthy dose of calcium. Calcium can help your bones and teeth stay healthy and strong. Some studies show that being calcium deficient can actually make it hard for people to fall asleep. Eat up for faster sleep.

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Warm Milk
There is a lot of evidence that links warm dairy milk with the function of sleeping. It can act as a sleep aid because it comforts and sooths the body. If you want to settle down and get cozy, warm a mug of warm milk, the calcium is good for your bones and body.

Okay you got us, toothpaste isn’t a food but the type of toothpaste you use could determine if you have a good night sleep or not. Some flavors such as mint and cinnamon or refreshing and wake up the mouth. But choosing a different toothpaste flavor for the night time can actually help you sleep better. Get into a routine in the evening by choosing a more soothing flavor, like lavender or vanilla. These unique flavors can inspire an evening ritual. Natural flavored toothpastes are good for your teeth because they don’t use chemicals. Your dentist may recommend another flavor to help you fall asleep.

Trying any one of these foods might help you fall asleep faster.

For more health advice visit TenderCare Dental, a Dentist in Hillsboro. Shannon Kaiser is a health writer for the Oregon wellness community.

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