Best Health And Fitness Supplements For Women – The Latest Research

Best Health And Fitness Supplements For Women – The Latest Research

As medical advancements continue, more people are taking supplements to improve their health and fitness than ever.  The phenomenon is incredibly popular amongst men, but becoming increasingly so amongst women as well.  Whether you’re looking to speed up your weight loss or the muscle building, here are some of the best options that will help you.

Whey protein:
Whey protein for quite some time now has remained the best protein source available.  It is a supplement that you’ll see recommended by the Australian Fitness Network and all the experienced gurus.  Whey protein is absorbed relatively fast and will help speed up either muscle rebuilding or new muscle building process straight after you work out.

There’s still a bit of debate over the current products available in terms of how much antioxidant benefit they actually contain, but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most effective ways of enhancing weight loss.  Green Tea is probably one of the most popularly known sources of antioxidants, however you should note, it’s recommended that you drink up to and beyond 12 cups of it a day if you really want it to have any effect.

Fish Oil
Fish oil is filled with omega-3 acids; something you’ve probably seen plastered onto the front of countless products and brought up constantly in health and wellbeing publications.  The benefits of it extend to your bone, heart, and brain functions amongst other things.  Of course eating “oilier” fish such as salmon, sardines, or herring will provide with the necessary omega-3 levels. However, if you’re not such a fan of eating fish then supplements are the way to go.

Glucosamine Sulfate
Glucosamine sulfate is proven to be one of the leading supplements for joint health, actually repairing the cartilage between bones.  It’s a vitamin that might not help you lose weight or build up muscles in an obvious way, but it will help you keep exercising to your maximum potential and stay healthy for many years to come.

A good multi-vitamin one of the most important supplements you can get, and is used by almost all athletes and body builders.  It’s important if you want your body to reach its full potential and for both your health and fitness to be at their peak.

There are plenty of supplements available, all serving specific functions in regards to your health and fitness, but these five are not only a good foundation, but also some of the most essential.

Kristen Wickham is a self-proclaimed pop culture expert, and is absolutely obsessed with US drama shows.  A member of the Australian Fitness Network, and now a mother of two, she is always trying to keep her and her family healthy in every way possible.

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