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There are plenty of Halloween fancy dress costumes for adults. Although a grisly surgeon or a wizard costume can be worn, an idea from the silver screen could be used instead. New horror movies are released on a regular basis. Older films also provide many ideas for Halloween costume ideas. When searching for a Halloween costume, here are a couple of ideas.


Freddy Krueger

Although Freddy Krueger has appeared in many A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, he is still a very scary character. Although a ‘reimagining’ was released in 2010, it is Robert Englund’s performance of Freddy which is instantly thought of. With his red and green sweater, faded trilby hat and glove which have knives attached, Freddy is a terrifying character. Although many of A Nightmare on Elm Street sequels aren’t scary when compared to today’s horror movies, Freddy’s burned complexion and evil grin have made him a popular choice for fancy dress costumes. Although an online retailer might sell Freddy’s infamous glove, they could also have an entire costume.

Michael Myers

Released during the same time as the aforementioned movies, the Halloween series of films are still very popular. The killer in this franchise is Michael Myers who wears a white mask to conceal his identity. He also normally dons a blue boiler suit and carries a large knife.


Although the demented murderer in the Saw films was a man, he used a clown to communicate with his victims. Parodied in films such as Scary Movie, the clown is one of the most popular Halloween fancy dress costumes for adults. By wearing a black suit, a white shirt, a bow tie and applying white face paint, this costume is complete.


One of the most loved horror films of all time, Evil Dead was released in 1981 and starred Bruce Campbell as Ash. In the first film of the quadrilogy, Ash wears a blue shirt and jeans. By applying fake blood liberally and buying a plastic chainsaw with a holster from an online retailer which has many accessories, this popular character can be recreated. As Ash was a central character in the first three Evil Dead films, there are other costume ideas. In the first sequel, Ash used a chainsaw to kill zombies by attaching it to his right arm. By buying a plastic chainsaw and securing it with rope or Velcro, this character is recreated.

Ghost Face 

Although women murdered teenagers in the Scream franchise (such as in the fourth instalment), Ghost Face has largely been played by men. In the first movie, which was released in 1996, two men were the killers. To recreate this costume, a long black robe and the infamous mask could be bought. Some retailers might provide the entire costume for a solitary price. A large, plastic knife could even be included too.


Many people have been emotionally scarred by Tim Curry’s Pennywise as seen in the 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT. Pennywise might look like an ordinary clown but he takes the souls of children by eating them. This scary character is a great costume idea. It’s recommended that an entire outfit is purchased. This is because it could take a while to find each individual item i.e. large clown shoes, sharp teeth.


The villain in the Child’s Play series of films, Chucky can be an easy costume to recreate. By purchasing dungarees, a deformed mask and a red wig, a man or a woman can look like the demented doll.

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