Best Paying Finance Jobs: What Are You Really Worth?

Best Paying Finance Jobs: What Are You Really Worth?

When deciding upon a perspective career choice, the average salary of your future position is often a factor that is highly considered. While job satisfaction and doing something that you love should always be an important factor when choosing your career path, your proposed salary can also influence your decision making process. If you’re considering a career in finance, check out our list of the best paying jobs on the market and choose the path to reach your full potential today!

Chief Financial Officer

As with most industries, senior level management positions in finance are one of the highest paying jobs in the sector. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is required to have an expert knowledge of financial services and the ability to manage problems, particularly during limited time frames. A CFO must also have unquestionable management skills, for both general and financial components. An outstanding knowledge of accounting and financial practices and processes is also essential for a CFO. Taking into consideration the great skill levels and financial experience required by a CFO, a worker in this position is likely to receive between AUD$92,000 and $250, 000, highly dependent upon the industry in which they work.


Accounting positions are one of the most popular jobs within the finance sector, mainly due to their diversity and room for growth. A mid-range accountancy position can expect to receive a notable salary of more than AUD$80, 000 per annum. With accounting being one of the most common positions within the finance industry, there is often a great competition within the workforce. In saying this, however, there is always a need for qualified accountants, in comparison to other jobs that vary in demand, making accounting a great career choice for all finance professionals.

Banking & Financial Services

One of the most common sectors of the finance industry, banking and financial services also offer some of the most well-paid positions in the workforce. If you want to reach your full potential, a degree in Applied Finance can help you to maximise your career opportunities in banking and financial services. Upon successful completion of a Master’s of Applied Finance, you will have the skills required to reach the highest level positions within the banking and financial services sector. Employees working in a senior level management position can expect to receive in excess of AUD$90, 000.

If you’re considering a change in career or are looking at joining the finance industry, keep in mind that most finance jobs require formal training and education. Online finance courses are a great way to get a head start in the world of finance. Whether you’re looking at a career in insurance and superannuation or fancy yourself as an accounting wiz, there’s a course online to set you on the path to success.

William is a Chief Financial Officer from Brisbane, Australia. He says that it’s important to have a clear focus on your chosen career so can choose the appropriate pathways. William recommends online finance courses as a great way to get a head start in the finance industry.

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