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One of the beauties of a sport like surfing is that there are so many places throughout the world that you can visit to indulge in some very different wave conditions. There is no ‘bad time’ to take a surfing trip as there is invariably some area that will be experiencing massive swells just waiting to be conquered. Whether you are going to run off and book vacation rentals in Jacó, Costa Rica or are looking for something a little closer to home, the waves will unfailingly be waiting.

A Classic: Baja

Whether you want to stay state-side or cross over the border, Baja, located in California and Mexico, is a quintessential spot for those who love the waves. As with many great surfing locales, Baja started as a treasured, secret spot in the 1960s, but that secrecy was short lived. Baja is now one of the most popular destinations for surfers and is a fairly close destination for many.

Growing Popularity: Guatemala

As with many other Latin American locations, the Pacific Coast of Guatemala is the best place for surfers to venture to. For those who have no interest in sharing the waves with large crowds, this may be the place for you. The surfing tourism in this country is still in its early stages and while it hasn’t exploded yet, be sure that it is coming.

The Gem of Central America: Costa Rica

The Pacific coast of this small, Central American country is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of the land while still accommodating their booming tourism industry. According to National Geographic, more than 25 percent of the land in Costa Rica has been dedicated for various parks and reserves. Look for vacation rentals in Jacó, Costa Rica to get the best value and access to fantastic surfing spots.

The Other Ocean: Brazil

The Pacific Ocean doesn’t hold all the fun, as the South American powerhouse, Brazil, boasts considerable surfing experiences. There are an astounding 4,500 miles of surf in the country, and these waves come in from all over. The other benefit of traveling to Brazil for surfing is that even inexperienced surfers can get a piece of the action. If you are well versed in the arts of riding the waves, try venturing there in the winter (the U.S. summer) for giant waves and minimal crowds.

Whether you are looking forward to getting far away from it all or are just looking for a new spot that is easily accessible, exploring the surfing opportunities nestled in Latin America will guarantee you an amazing experience.

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