Best Tips From HGTV For Homeowners

Best Tips From HGTV For Homeowners

Okay, admit it. There are some shows that don’t add a bit of value to your daily life. They are barely entertaining. While there will be no finger pointing (cough-cough, Honey Boo-Boo), this article isn’t to discuss those disappointing shows. Instead, let’s focus on those HGTV shows that have given everyone great tips about home improvement.

The shows on HGTV are not only entertaining, but they give the average homeowner and do-it-yourself person step-by-step advice to make our homes the paradises that they can be. Whether the show talks about how to make deco art from several old picture frames, or the right way to add heating under flooring, we all can be grateful for having these shows. Here is a small list of the best tips discovered while watching HGTV.

HGTV Tip #1: Before You Remodel, Have It Properly Inspected
Time and time again, Mike Holmes, who hosts the show “Holmes on Homes,” has shown that before you remodel or even buy a home, have it properly inspected by a building inspector. Then, after the building inspector gives his final report, hire a different one to inspect the home.

Home inspections can allow people to spot problems when they are small and have the issues fixed early before they become even worse and more costly to repair. In addition, never be satisfied with “okay” work from a contractor or handyman. Demand the best, because that is what you are paying for in home improvements.

HGTV Tip #2: Making Home Designs Can Really Cost a Dime
Home improvements don’t always have to be largely expensive. Shows like “Design on A Dime” can show homeowners the ways where they can add their own personality to a room with basic things that they may have placed in storage. With a little ingenuity and some work, you can create great room designs in your home without ever breaking your budget.

HGTV Tip #3: Sometimes Having a Dream Home Means Remodeling a Fixer-Upper
Pull up a rug in a run-down house, and you might discover beautiful hardwood flooring that instantly raises the value of the home. Painting a few cabinets can be just as good as buying new ones. And having the home of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to pay for it.

These and many more tips come from the handyman and real estate brothers on the HGTV show “Property Brothers.” While people may think they can buy their perfect dream home, the Property Brothers show just how much buying a home like the one in your dreams really costs, and how you can have a great home by doing some home improvements on a fixer-upper.

There are so many other shows on HGTV that will appeal to people interested in home improvement. So take the time to sit down on the sofa with a pen and notepad ready. You will discover great tips from a great channel.

Arnold Norton has experience in home repair, renovations, and improvement. Mr. Norton has published several informative blogs and articles focused on helpful tips for new and current homeowners.

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