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Beyond The Cubicle: 10 Out-Of-The-Box Workplaces

The world of cubicles is one that sounds appealing at first. Go to school, get a diploma, get a job where you sit in a cubicle, surrounded by four flimsy walls and the best fluorescent lighting the company can buy. But eventually, the buzzing of the lights make you want to knock down the cubicle walls and you begin to think that there must be more to life than this. And there is! Throughout the world, companies are working harder to make sure that employees have interactive and peaceful environments in order to ensure that employees are happy and the most productive that they can be. Below are 10 of the most interesting and out-of-the-box workplaces across the globe.

Skateboarding and Sales

Terraced office overlook a private indoor skate park at the Bastard Store and Office, a design implemented by Studiometrico that allows employees to let off a little extra steam when their work day is just a little too overwhelming. The skate park and office, located in Milan, Italy, offer enough room for employees to practice kick flips, ollies and grinds as much as they’d like. The office also features a full service retail store.

Working Off the Land

Situated among the tall trees of a serene forest in the Netherlands, composer Hans Liberg uses a tiny log cabin-inspired office as his personal workspace and studio. Designed by Piet Hein Eek, the tiny cabin has been compared to an elaborate hunting blind and offers little more than a beautiful view for Liberg to enjoy as he composes his next piece.

Caves Aren’t Just For Bats

Employees at a Swedish Internet company go to work James Bond style, entering into a spy-like cave that was built into a bomb shelter that was already in existence. Located about 30 meters under the city of Stockholm, the cave features accent walls that are green with live plants and colorful lighting that accents the modern furnishings. Though it appears to be solely high-tech, the office is also eco-minded, pulling its heating from the wasted heat that is emitted from its servers, and idea that would work all over the world, even with IT Support companies in New Jersey.

Island Paradise

In an area that is largely untouched by human civilization and development sits Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Small, contemporary studios that were designed by several different architects and designers dot the island and are popularly used artists and writers. The most well-known studio in the area is Fogo Island Studio, a studio that sits atop a perch near the Atlantic Ocean and offers a peaceful seclusion to work on writing or other projects.

Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok

Modern and slightly unpredictable, Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok is a bright office with a strong sense of imagination and playfulness that inspires and encourages the company’s art directors, graphic designers and copywriters. The lively shapes and colors of the office are accented with open and well-lit spaces and interactive furniture that will intrigue even the oldest grown-up.

Pod People

OfficePODs are a great investment for entrepreneurs such as IT Support companies in New Jersey. The offices provide a separation from homes or other offices that allow for complete peace and quiet when trying to have a productive day. The single occupant offices can be places nearly anywhere, from beside the ocean to in your backyard.

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Woods in the Workplace

We’ve all walked into a tacky office that had plenty of plastic trees that were begging to be dusted, but what if your office had real trees growing right through the middle of it? The Forest Playscape Office features beautiful deciduous trees that grow straight up through the workspaces. Each individual space also features an enclosed glass bubble to work in, allowing the ability to wave at your co-workers without being distracted by the noise of their own business. The office is super modern with a twist of nature that just works.

Type From the Trees

Created by Peter Frazier in a valley near Bellingham, Washington is an office perched among the canopy of trees in the area. The beautiful wooden treehouse features enough space to work and is large enough to act as a weekend getaway as well. The porch is a great place to do some writing or have a glass of wine while enjoying the gorgeous views of the top of the Washington forests.

Work on the Water

Though they were originally designed with marine businesses in mind, the H2Office Floating Workspace is an idea that appeals to many people, from those that work on the water to those that just want to work on the water. Each office space is small and secure and has the option to add a wind turbine to generate power. Simply rent a dock space and enjoy.

The Glass Office

Situated among the beautiful trees and otherwise untouched nature of the forest, the Selgas Cano Architecture Office features gorgeous Spanish architecture that sits slightly below ground level and features arched glass for a panoramic view of the sky and forest around the workspace.

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