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Bic Promotional Pens

Bic pens have a history that dates back to 1945, when Marcel Bich and his partner Edouard Buffard started manufacturing fountain pens and mechanical pencil parts in Clichy (France). Bic pens have since then, gradually penetrated this multipurpose industry, with exceptional quality as the company’s trademark.

Untiring efforts to maintain high standards have successfully thrust the business into the international market. These pens have been sported by millions of hands across the globe since the company’s inception. Bic pens boast an incredible writing life of 1.2 miles and are assembled by automatic machines to ensure good grip and lasting fittings.

Varieties Of Bic Pens

The Bic Company manufactures a wide variety of writing stationery. They include ballpoint pens, added value ballpoint pens, Bic select, fountain pens, rollers, gel ink writers, pencils and the ecolutions range. Besides these, their range of fun logo pens are very attractive; including souvenir syringe pens, souvenir pens, sharpie mini’s, funky goofy pens for children and bulletin executive pens for serious writers.

These diversified writing tools come in different prices, shapes and colours. The executive or more senior clientele of the company can choose from a wide collection of pens that range from practical to luxurious, for the purposes of gift giving or collecting. Bic appeals to the younger generation too, who find it convenient to buy pens that suit both, their taste and pocket.

Ladies also have their own choice of sleek and beautifully coloured and designed pens to choose from. To sum up the variety, elegant, classy and affordable Bic promotional pens are within reach for anyone who is in search of a good writing partner.

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Bic Promotional Pens

According to the Bic culture, the writing task should be easy, simple and reliable. Hence the Bic Company has gone global with its commitment to the assurance of quality. Bic manufactures promotional pens to enhance the marketing of various companies with style and perfection. All the above mentioned varieties of Bic pens can be inscribed upon, screen printed or laser engraved.

Any company can use this wonderful marketing tool for an impressive and easy publicity. A wide range of colours can be chosen from, as well as pens with different sizes and textures with comfortable grips and caps that display the company’s logo. All this with a perfect packing can be molded into any company’s attractive and eye catching representative. This is one of the main reasons why many companies use Bic Promotional Pens at exhibitions, business openings, gift hampers and popular corporate events.

Bic has an international presence and acceptance, with sales in 160 countries in both established and emerging markets. Once approved the Bic company’s promotional gift supplier can make available the complete range to choose from and supply the order only in seven days.

Bic Promotional Pens are meeting the exceedingly rapid requirements of writers across the globe, with satisfaction guaranteed. Hence, Bic logo pens are already increasing in demand.



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