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Boosting Your Bottom Line With A Franking Machine

Small business owners know that there’s a thin line between success and failure and a business’ bottom line is at the center of it. There are three aspects to maintaining or growing your bottom line. First is increasing your revenue. 

Late payments by your customers affect your monthly income. You already know this. But have you ever thought why your customers pay late? They may have an internal issue or the problem may be coming from you. Do your bills arrive on their doorstep on time? Going to the post office is time consuming and costly. You have to take a portion of your employee’s time to send the bills, they use petrol to go there and then take several minutes more to go back to the office. So, the solution is designating one day out of the week to send bills. Because of this, some bills that are due earlier in the week arrive late and the payment is late and so on and so forth. This cycle will continue until you put a stop to it. One simple solution is using a franking machine. By preparing everything in-house, you can send mail every day. Now your customers won’t have an excuse to send their payments late. Do this religiously and you will see your income grow.

The second way to increase your bottom line is by increasing your efficiency. How many hours do you spend preparing your mail each day? Add that up and you will realize how much time and money you’re spending on something that shouldn’t cost too much.  A franking machine streamlines all your processes. These little things can be accomplished quickly and easily.  With a franking machine, you don’t have to sort mail, weigh them and manually calculate the postage rate.  You will get accurate results each time you use a franking machine.

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The third way to boost your bottom line is cutting on your expenses. Did you know that you can get discounts from Royal Mail by franking your mails? The discounts get higher as your packages get bigger and heavier. Another thing that you might be doing wrong is over stamping your letters because you’re not sure of the shipping rate. An approved franking machine is loaded with the latest rates from Royal Mail so you get the correct rate for each weight. You can update the prices as needed by connecting to the Internet. You avoid the extra fees that are charged when you over stamp. Another way of saving money is by topping up your franking machine. You can refill credits via phone or online whenever you need to. You can set a budget and stick to it.

Profit margins are tight and it is imperative for a small business to stick to its budget in order to get a good figure at the end of the month. Get a little help from something as simple as a franking machine and give your bottom line a boost.

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