Breast Enhancement Procedures: Four Common Procedures

Breast Enhancement Procedures: Four Common Procedures

The aim of breast augmentation  is to make slight adjustments to the appearance of the breasts  to boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Doctors can perform a number of breast enhancement procedures among women who are unsatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts. These minimally invasive surgical procedures usually include augmentations, breast lifts, reductions, and reconstruction procedures.

The main issue among women is to decide on the appropriate procedure for their case. This entails booking a consultation with a reputable cosmetic surgeon who will conduct a breast examination, and suggest the best corrective measure to take. Below is an explanation of popular breast enhancement procedures available from cosmetic surgery clinics:

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Cosmetic surgeons in Australia can perform a number of breast augmentation procedures on women. Breast augmentation refers to the use of medically-approved implants to make breasts fuller especially after significant weight reduction or pregnancy. Currently, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons approves the use of saline and silicone implants for breast augmentation procedures. Women who are physically healthy, but insecure about the appearance of their breasts are ideal candidates for augmentation procedures or augmentation mammaplasty.

Breast Lift Procedure
Cosmetic surgeons refer to breast lift procedures as mastopexy. The aim of mastopexy is to reshape the breasts and give them a firmer contour by removing excessive skin and tightening surrounding tissues. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight, aging and natural hereditary factors can all contribute to lose of breast firmness. Sagging breasts can easily make women feel less confident about their appearance. The purpose of this surgery is to lift sagging breasts and reduce enlarged areolas, in order to boost a woman’s poise with her appearance. Any healthy woman with drooping breasts can successfully undergo a breast lift depending on the surgeon’s opinion after the initial consultation.

Breast Reduction Surgery
Women with overly large breasts may feel self conscious about their appearance. It becomes tricky to choose the appropriate clothes, and one may also experience constant backaches especially after heavy work. Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty aims at reducing the size of enlarged breasts by removing tissue and excessive skin around the breasts. Cosmetic surgeons recommend the procedure for healthy women with stable weight. The purpose of the surgery is to make breasts look smaller and fuller in appearance, in order to boost a woman’s self-esteem.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Cosmetic surgeons typically undertake breast reconstruction surgery to restore women’s appearance after injuries or mastectomies. Sometimes, the surgeon performs the procedure immediately after the mastectomy or after the scar starts to heal. The surgeon may either use tissue from the woman’s body, or use tissue expansion implants to restore the breasts. This surgical procedure aims at boosting a woman’s self worth and esteem especially after the effects breast cancer treatment.
Women are quite finicky about their bodies especially the appearance of their breasts. Today, cosmetic surgery allows surgeons to manipulate breast tissue, in order to make them aesthetically pleasing. Healthy candidates can undergo various breast enhancement procedures to boost their self image. Anyone wishing to undertake breast augmentation Sydney should consult an approved cosmetic surgeon for the ideal procedure for their case.

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