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While weddings can be a challenging abundance of decisions – couples also find choosing that perfect honeymoon locale can be just as difficult. With so many incredible destinations around the world, finding a spot that is a combination of relaxation, romance, and fun is difficult. The wedding itself is a whirlwind of celebration among friends and family, making the honeymoon an important part of celebrating each other. Costa Rica can provide accommodations and activities ideal for newlyweds embarking on their new life together.


Whether a couple has chosen to reside on the coast with accommodations that showcase the beautiful beaches and sparkling water or further inland within the dense and colorful rainforest, Costa Rica’s spectacular natural surroundings will create memories to last a lifetime. Vacation rentals can enhance any honeymoon, providing the privacy a couple seeks post-wedding. People can choose to venture out and explore restaurants or utilize modern amenities to cook up a simple and romantic meal. The pace in this awe-inspiring environment is whatever visitors make it. Newlyweds who need a retreat can enjoy the tranquility and serenity Costa Rica is famous for.


Taking a sunset cruise, getting spa treatments, hiking to a breathtaking waterfall, dining in a delectable fine-dining restaurant, or sunbathing in a secluded spot are a few of the ways Costa Rica can offer a bit of romance. Costa Rica is full of conveniences that complement its oasis of nature. Finding ways to capture romantic moments is as simple as walking out the door.


When the mood strikes and relaxation and romance have been enjoyed, the next step in the honeymoon journey is exploring the many recreational opportunities offered. Costa Rica is home to twenty-six National Parks. Each provides a wonderful selection of recreation. From hiking and zip-lining to hands-on turtle conservation, there are attractions to enjoy a more leisurely honeymoon or fuel a high octane experience. For those who like water, try surfing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, or a catamaran tour. If dry land is preferred, there is horseback riding, hiking, biking, ATV tours, canopy tours, and aerial trams. Each attraction boasts scenic views of waterfalls, ocean, volcanoes, wildlife, and rainforest. Costa Rica can keep the happy couple busy for weeks.

When attempting to find a breathtaking honeymoon destination, this beautiful Central American country is the perfect solution. After each day of celebrating a new marriage with time spent on relaxation, romance, and fun— a couple can retreat back to one of the remarkable accommodations that reside in breathtaking Costa Rica.

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