Bring Out Your Inner Thrill Seeker

Most people take relaxing vacations. Lounging on the beach is fine, but why not challenge yourself and gain a new perspective by creating a truly memorable vacation experience? We don’t just mean visiting a foreign country or trying exotic foods; we’re talking mountain climbing and swimming with sharks. From scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to Patagonia adventure travel, what type of travel adventure would it take to draw out your inner thrill seeker?

Mountain Trekking
Nepal is home to the world’s highest mountain peak. You can’t visit this Himalayan nation without taking on a little mountain climbing, provided you’re adequately mentally and physically fit for the challenge.

Explore the Himalayan Mountains via the Annapurna Base Camp Trail or a number of other trails. This isn’t a vacation you should take on a whim, especially if you do make your way up the Himalayans. Stunning mountain and lake views from breathtaking heights make it well worth time spent researching this destination and planning your trip.

Exploring Patagonia
Patagonia is a thrill-seeker’s dream come true. If you decide to visit this South American territory, make your way to Torres del Paine National Park for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of hiking on ice.

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According to the national park’s official website, the rare opportunity of walking on a glacier is an adventure in itself as you “go through uneven pieces of land, holes of huge depth and amazing colors, inner-streams, and an exceptional view of the Grey Lake and South Patagonia Ice Field.”

Swimming with Sharks in The Great Barrier Reef
For an unforgettable water adventure of another kind, visit the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. If scuba diving makes your bucket list, don’t be tempted to go anywhere else. You’ll get the chance to swim with turtles, reef sharks and barracudas, as well as earning bragging rights to one of the most adventurous experiences ever.

Sand Boarding in South Africa
If you’d prefer to stay on land but still want an exotic adventure vacation, head to South Africa’s deserts to give sand boarding a try. Whether you’ve never attempted this adventurous sport or consider yourself an old pro, the Atlantis Dunes are the perfect spot for this unique sport.

Adventure Travel for Everyone
No matter where your hidden adventurer leads you, these unusual vacations will renew your spirit and take you away from your daily routine. Whether you opt for sand boarding in South Africa or choose Patagonia adventure travel for some glacier walking, bring out your inner thrill-seeker on your next vacation.

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