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Successful development of online businesses requires that you position your brands uniquely for the target customer. The concept of online business development is very broad as it encompasses improving your SEO with the help of a search engine optimisation company, getting information on online partner programs that lay emphasis on driving traffic, new advertising opportunities and alternate monetisation or revenue streams.

If you are planning to develop a new internet business or expanding your current business, it is important to have with you a business development plan. The plan will guide you through the whole process and it will be easier to know what is going wrong or right.


How to build your  with social media


Social media can be a useful tool for expansion of online businesses. One way of using social media to build an internet business is to start from scratch and try to build your online presence organically. Instead of just posting tweets, start engaging your audience in Twitter chats and use popular hash tags among others. At the start, the success may be small but it will never impact on the bottom-line of your business.

It is safer and much easier to use and participate in a Twitter chat in online marketing. You can also start building a new project or establish a strategic partnership. You will risk your time and money in the short-term but the long-term benefits or value will pay itself several times.


Poor internet is affecting business performance

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Reports of a survey carried out in late 2012 indicate that small businesses especially in the rural areas are being affected by the poor quality of the internet. More than half of these businesses say that their ability to effectively run their operations is affected by the internet.

Further survey reports say that 65 percent of the small businesses still hold that there is a rural-urban divide when it comes to the internet. Many businesses located in rural areas are unable to take advantage of emerging business opportunities and fear that if the Government continues to prioritise speed over coverage, many businesses will be affected.

The survey also indicated that urban businesses were equally worried about the inconsistent internet coverage in the country. The survey was conducted at a time when the internet and e-commerce are playing a key role in building of the economy. The revenues earned from internet sales are today huge.


Technology news


Facebook announced on Thursday 20, December, 2012 that its testing a new system that allows users to send prioritised mails to individuals who are not on their contacts for just 1$ . The first test will involve a group of individuals and is part of an effort to monetise the system’s user base.

Facebook messages sent to non-contacts currently go into a certain folder labeled “other ” but the system will allow such messages to go directly to the primary inbox of a user . This message feature will however only be available in the US during this experimental stage. In addition, the maximum messages that can be routed to the Inbox from Other folders are limited to just one in a week.

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