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Burglary Prevention Tips for the Tech Savvy Traveler

So you’re a modern type of traveler, and you go nowhere without your trusted gadgets? Well then, more power to you! Technology can easily improve your traveling experience, as well as keeping you entertained during the idle moments.

In all case, those toys cost good money… so you might as well take good care of your investment. Traveling with technologic equipment can be an invitation towards burglary, but there are simple postures you can adopt to minimize the risk.

Hidden gadgets, relaxed mind: thus the way of the wise modern traveler!

This article will run you though a few simple tips that will go a long way to help you getting robbed while traveling around.

Watch your surroundings

Before whipping out your fancy New iPad on a whim, observe your surroundings. Are you in a place with lots of others gadget-using folks, or would your shiny toy draw unnecessary attention to yourself?

In the latter case, you will probably to better to refrain from indulging your technophile impulses until you’re in a better suited locale. Remember, showing off your affluence in the wrong places is not unlike sending out invitations for the local rogues to pick on you.

Don’t carry around your entire tech arsenal

If you like keeping up with the latest technological advancements, you easily want to carry around lots of gadgets: from e-book readers to smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems, there are surely many interesting items in your tech arsenal.

That’s great, but remember you don’t really have to carry them around with you at all times, especially when you’re exploring unfamiliar grounds. You might as well just take one or two devices and get the most enjoyment of those, rather than haphazardly juggle with a dozen machines.

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If worse comes to worse and you come across any evil-doers, at least you’ll minimize the loss potential. Don’t carry around too many gadgets with you; your back will also appreciate the reduces load!

Get travel bags with concealed compartments

You can find some really ingenious travel bags and shoulder strap bags these days, with clever hidden compartments for tucking away your laptop or digital camera. There are also pieces of clothing with similarly discrete pockets that will allow you to discretely occlude your machines when you find the need to.

These types of bags and garments can sometimes be a bit costlier than normal, but think of it as a wise investment against burglary!

Keep flashier gadgets at the hotel

If you have two laptops or digital cameras, always choose to carry around the modest version and leave the flashier at the hotel. Unless you really have a use for all the features in that expensive piece of equipment, you might as well leave it be and carry around the cheaper and older model that still works as advertised. Does that make sense?

Well, that’s unless you really make a point of impressing them foreigners with your sophistication and high standards! Even thus, there are much better ways to convey a good impression than by flaunting around expensive technology as though it were a status symbol. Wouldn’t you agree?

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