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Many businesses are choosing to go green to reduce the negative impact their operations have on the environment and to be able to take advantage of write offs the government offers as incentives for such eco-friendly changes. These tax credits and deductions relate to how businesses handle energy use, waste disposal and other practices which have an impact on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Tax Holidays
Several states have begun offering retail businesses temporary sales tax holidays on green, eco-friendly products. This green business incentive benefits both the company which sells the products and the shoppers who save on the final price paid. The tax holidays vary by region in terms of duration and the included products. Green products included in tax-exempt holidays include energy efficient lights, small household appliances and items made using recycled materials.

Cooling and Heating
Green heating and air conditioning units are better for the planet and can also lower the cost of maintaining comfortable temperatures in your offices. Also, the cost of installing energy efficient cooling and heating systems in your office or business can be eligible for rewarding tax write offs. Doors, windows, and insulation which reduce how often heating and cooling appliances need to be running can also qualify for tax credits in some states.

Recycling & Waste Management
Businesses are encouraged to go green by recycling as much waste as possible and using compactors to reduce the impact of the refuse which cannot be recycled. Laws about how businesses handle waste management have been adapted to ensure recycling and eco-friendly trash disposal.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ratings system has been used to determine tax credits for businesses which install and use trash compactors power by solar energy in some states. States that offer this green business write off include Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Tax write offs may be available to businesses which install green renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Solar energy is fed into your business’s power system, supplementing gas and electrical energy usage. A single set of solar energy panels installed on your business’s property can provide enough eco-friendly energy to power all of your company’s daily operations. The cost of installing the renewable energy source for your business may qualify for a tax incentive, depending on the state in which you operate.

Business owners have been taking steps to make their business more eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious business operations not only help the planet but may qualify your company for profitable tax write offs.

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