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There’s no doubting that Christmas and winter in general are among the most expensive times of year, thanks largely to the tradition of buying gifts for family and friends. But that’s not all, with energy costs set to rise again.

A report in the Guardian newspaper recently suggested that UK families face a £118 annual rise in energy bills this year, with many providers withdrawing their cheapest deals from the market. If this winter proves to be especially cold, it could go up even higher.

For ordinary UK families, it could make this coming Christmas the most stressful time of year rather than the most wonderful. Thankfully, there are ways to stay warm without ramping up the heating for months on end. Introducing a more practical wardrobe could be a great way of keeping the body warmth in.

Multiple layers make for a great start. Multiple thinner layers can help to trap warm air close to the skin, so you feel warmer than just wearing a T-shirt and a big jumper. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t invest in some traditional winter clothing. Woolly jumpers, sweatshirts, fleeces and cardigans are all great top-half items that help you to feel cosy no matter what the conditions are.

Thermal underwear can also be a great way of maintaining a higher body temperature and can help you to layer up on your top and bottom half. A thick and comfortable pair of trousers will help you to stay snug during the day, while some loungewear may make for extra warm clothing for the evenings.

Most people feel the cold in their feet, so this is a key area for your winter wardrobe. There are a number of Norwegian slippers available today that keep your feet nice and toasty when walking about the house. Nordic slippers for ladies have become a staple of the fashion industry in recent years, thanks to their practicality and fun designs.

It also never hurts to invest in a Snuggle Blanket with sleeves, as these are a cosy extra layer than helps you to stay warm while relaxing on the sofa.

Other precautions you can take to keep the room warm are to buy draft excluders for doors and draw your curtains a little earlier. These will help if you’ve already got the room warm and want to avoid it escaping.

Written by fashion expert Jessica Peate in the UK.