Car Gizmos – Thinking Of Buying One?

Car Gizmos – Thinking Of Buying One?

There are umpteen gadgets out there made for your car. Some of them might have grabbed your attention, some of them tempted to you to buy them, some managed to make you notice it, and some couldn’t even reach anywhere near your thought level. There are various kinds of car accessories. They fall into different categories. Some are very useful, some are fun and some are simply tempting. After you buy a car, buying gadgets for it will be the next thing on your mind. If you are keen on gadgets and gizmos, you will know that more innovative and interesting gadgets are made every other day.

Some useful gizmos:

  • Parking sensor
  • Reversing camera
  • USB car charger
  • Navigator
  • Cup holder
  • Portable water heater

There are many more than can be added to this list, and most of them are available at a car dealer near you. Even people who are not crazy about gizmos consider buying one or more of these gadgets. The sole reason is that they prove to be very useful. Parking sensors and reversing camera are very helpful, especially for novice drivers. USB car chargers are a must if you are a person who likes listening to music on your iPod or MP3 player when you go for a drive. A navigator is another basic gadget that helps you out when you are not sure of the direction to travel.

Some cool gizmos:

Recently, I came across LED car signs that showed emoticons displayed using LEDs. They display expressive smileys that can convey your mood to fellow drivers or people on the road. It is a fun way to express your feelings without actually having to speak anything.

Car windshield shades available in comic designs, movie style poster designs, or abstract arts are also attractive and will gain attention. If you have that creative orientation, you could probably get a plain windshield and paint your own art on it. Let your windshield be unique.

Car eyelashes are another cool gizmo. They are so much fun and will give your car a feminine look that will definitely make heads turn.

There are Vroominators that create the vroom sound of muscle cars, through your car’s sound system. If you want people out there to watch out and know that you are passing by, this gizmo is for you. It will give you a sportier feel when you drive.

Car tattoos and stickers are available in different styles to make over your car in the way you want. You can use them to give your car a fierce masculine look, a sporty look, an elegant look, or even a cute feminine look.

Green gizmos:

These are the environment friendly gadgets for the earth lovers and the conscious people willing to do their bit in going green. Solar powered air conditioning, battery chargers and more gizmos are available. They are costlier compared to the other normal gadgets, but when you think long term and eco-friendly, these gadgets are good investments. They will make your car more energy efficient and sound.

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