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You get the idea that once you have a card, it’s official. But how? Here are some tips on
how to go by it:
Firstly, think of the effects of having a card out unto the world. Think of it like a
conveniently tiny ad space to be tucked away in a pocket or a wallet or a book, more intimate, like a friendly nudge. Think of it like a small boon or token exchanged to friends rather than the promise of a good investment. The design helps in that it visually communicates your intent without cluttering or confusing your clients and instead giving them the right idea.
Of course in any undertaking, there has to be the strategy. From here on, you would have to at least have an idea of what you are selling, and how the card program will be of any use to your customers. It is a very basic step towards branding, which is practically just how the customer associates you solely to something, and well keep doing so, hopefully for you, as long as possible.
Market! But make sure you do it correctly! Customers should not be bothered by statistical facts;they would rather not be bombarded with how exactly of a benefit your card is going to be. Instead, go straight to showing which benefits are which, which benefits they are going to receive. Customers love freebies. Make it simple yet appealing: a free touchup,a free milkshake, etc. Keep it simple and easy to understand, and nothing too fancy that will become a liability on your part in the long term.

Observe and Measure
This is time for purely statistics. This is where you are supposed to provide an ample amount of time through which to test if the card program works well with customers.During this time you can check for trends during a time set, do the numbers and predictwhich kinds of strategies work best when.
And then you should keep track of how the loyalty cards are assisting at all. This is all about ensuring client records and how the data could help specifically tailor your marketing strategy. You don’t have to keep tabs on all your customers in a way that will rattle their privacy and email inboxes; do it the old fashioned way by keeping manual records. It is proven to be easier to keep manual records than digitized ones, as those tend to disappear, get corrupted by viruses, and everybody knows how one clerical mistake tends to alter entire entities!
What to watch out for:
A common problem customers have with their loyalty cards is the issue of privacy. They do not like the idea of having to share their private details to anyone, especially now that identity theft is something that is getting easier and easier to pull off. Customers are not going to risk it even for security; the way they see it, sharing private details only for a free monthly subscription or a freebie is not worth it.

Laura Brentley is a marketing manager of a card printing business. She is also an enthusiast of graphic designs, photography and arts who is passionate on cooking and traveling.