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We have all heard how important education can be in increasing your ability to make money and attain a long term career – today we will be exploring one field in particular which offers both of these benefits, and which does not require an expensive four year college degree.

The dental field, like other health related fields, will be seeing a shortage of workers as the baby boomer generation moves into retirement; it is also a career which cannot see fluctuations such as outsourcing.

Career Choices - Dental Hygiene Allows You To Help People And Build A Good Career

Training in Dental Hygiene offers many opportunities to a person who wants to establish a career that has excellent long term prospects in earning and stability; like other smart career choices, this job cannot be outsourced or shipped overseas and offers excellent earning; these jobs usually have benefits packages as well.

The job of a dental hygienist is essential to the operation of a dentist’s office, and involves many skill sets which are necessary for the practice of dentistry. This includes the operation of equipment such as x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and the instruments necessary to clean and maintain tooth and root systems as well as other skills necessary for this job.

This includes performing clinical exams, including oral cancer screenings, the administration of anesthetics (including Nitrous Oxide sedation), cleaning teeth of plaque, stains and other build-up, scaling and root planning for procedures such as root canals, and the use of intra-oral cameras for diagnostic purposes.

These cameras are becoming extremely advanced, and the technology to integrate them into digital x-ray machines for a true 3 dimensional model of a patients mouth and teeth has moved the dental practice into the 21st century, but these technologies depend on well trained technicians to make use of them, and the more dental offices come to rely on these technologies, the more they will need well trained technicians to operate the machinery.

This field is excellent for people who like people, and it has the added benefit of allowing you to know you have had a positive impact on another person’s life; part of that is not just cleaning and helping to repair their teeth but in educating them on the best ways to take care of their own teeth and more importantly their children’s teeth. If you enjoy helping people, the dental hygiene field can make an excellent career choice.

A degree in an Associate of Science in the field of Dental Hygiene can be accomplished in as little as 16 months and will prepare you for a career in any dentist’s office, as well as the ability to pass the National Board examination and various State and Regional Board Examinations.

Education in the modern workplace matters – Dental Hygiene is just one career choice that can be achieved in a fairly short period of time and which offers excellent career opportunities, but there are many others which will enable you to provide a better life for yourself and your family. An Ontario, California Dental Hygiene career may be just the thing you have been looking for; don’t leave your future to chance. With a smart choice in education, you can have a brighter future.

Are you looking for a good career which offers excellent earning potential and stability? Check into a degree which will enable you to become an Ontario, California Dental Hygiene technician today!