Caribbean Travel: Winter Sailing Conditions

Caribbean Travel: Winter Sailing Conditions

Sailing the Caribbean in the winter would be such a treat! Or would it? Do the weather patterns that make winters frigid up north also have an ill-effect on islands in the south? The truth is that winter is a great time to head to the Caribbean because November is just the start of the best months down there! If you were to charter a private yacht in the Caribbean for your winter vacation, you would find that the weather is quite conducive to consistent, exciting sailing, and you would have missed the erratic hurricane season altogether.

Your private chartered yacht will come complete with an experienced captain and competent crew who will take care of getting you to your desired ports. They are in charge of navigating the waters, knowing when it’s best to move, and where it’s best to moor. They will refer to NOAA’s weather reports and advise you about what days are good for swimming and diving versus the days that are good for a sail.

The winter can produce high winds and high seas so this is perfect for a charter group that wants to see some action on the water. If you’ve had your fill of idly sitting upon the water and want to get up a little speed on a sailboat, then you should definitely head to the Caribbean in the winter to experience the favorable trade winds for yourself!

Winter in the Caribbean is also beneficial because it is a little quieter, and the crowds are more concentrated. You won’t feel alone, but you won’t be swarmed by the typical tourist either. Winter in the Caribbean is for the real yachting set- people who want to see 25 knots of wind while enjoying 75 to 85 degree weather! This is an ideal time to visit because the rain and mosquitos have mostly gone away with the fall’s hurricane season. And you will always be ready for a good sail if you choose to charter a yacht in the Caribbean. As opposed to staying in a resort, you will only have to pull anchor when you want to start cruising!

There are so many islands to visit in the Caribbean that you will not run out of places to visit and explore. Whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth time, you will find a world of white beaches, blue waters, green lands, and tropical flowers once you decide to book a yacht charter in the Caribbean! Winter is a sublime time to work on those water skiing skills and tan lines. For the serious sailor, winter is also when the Heineken Regatta takes place (in St. Maarten). Between the sunny days, favorable winds, and maritime atmosphere, you will find winter in the Caribbean the ultimate antidote to the gray weather and hassle of the holiday season at home. Give yourself a gift and book a Caribbean yacht charter for this coming winter!

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