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When buying a beautiful old car, there are a few things you need to think about in terms of caring for that car.

Caring for a Classic Car

Keep it Clean

You’ll need to keep any car clean in order to protect against things like rust and discolouration. If you want to use a wax or polish you should test a patch that won’t be seen before using it on the car.

Regular Servicing

A classic car will need to be serviced once or twice a year just to make sure it’s in good working order and that any problems are dealt with as soon as they arise. Find a garage that is experienced with your type of car and stick with them as they’ll be able to provide the best care for a precious vehicle.

Be Gentle

A lot of classic car owners show off their cars on only a few occasions a year. If you’re going to be driving your car on a regular basis, you should do so economically. Of course, enjoy yourself and your car but be mindful of sharp braking, high revs and excessive speed.

Two cars

If you have a classic car, you might not want to keep it in the garage at all times and out of the weather but there might be times when it is more practical to drive another car. Get yourself a little run-around car that can be used for the less exciting drives such as trips to the supermarket or the school run. Take a look at San Antonio DriveTime for good quality used cars.

Fuel, oil and water

Keep your car maintained with the best quality fuel you can afford, the correct type of oil for an old engine and ensure there’s enough water in the radiator and windscreen washer reservoir.


To keep your car in tip-top condition, you’ll need to store it properly and safely. This is especially important if you intend to keep it out of the elements during the winter. Tyres can flat spot when not driven for a while so raise your car up on jack stands to prevent this from happening.

You should also protect against rodents when storing you car for a while. Place a steel wood pad in a sandwich bag and block up exhausts and any other ways into your car. You must remember to remove them once you come to drive the car again.

Car batteries tend to go dead over winter so either remove the battery and store it inside or you can use a battery maintainer, which will keep a little bit of life in it and will stop it freezing in very cold weather.

When covering you car for winter you should spend some money on a waterproof but breathable car cover. If you have a garage to store your car in then you can just cover it with a sheet to keep the dust off.

Keep these tips in mind when buying and driving a classic car.