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As parents we are always seeking to create a home environment conducive to the health, comfort and happiness of our family. When it comes to flooring there are a number of pros and cons we need to explore before making the decision regarding the type of flooring we will display in our home. Recently a friend of mine who is a pediatrician had a leak in her house, which caused for her whole house to flood and led to the removal of the carpet since restoration was not an option due to the severity of the water damage in the carpet and the need to deal with water on the drywalls.  To add to her troubles she had a newborn baby at home. As soon as the carpet was removed they had to make a decision on their flooring choice. In making their decision having a new child took priority over interior design trends and personal preferences.

As a carpet and floor cleaning professional I became curious as to how a pediatrician would make a decision regarding flooring choices.  To help me get some insight on the matter I asked her what factors they took into consideration before deciding on their flooring choice. Their top three determinants, safety, hygiene and cost can prove very useful in helping any growing families decide on their flooring options.

With a newborn at home walking and crawling was just around the corner and with it the risk for injury, falls and the common mishaps of early childhood. There is no denial carpet can serve as a buffer to reduce the impact and it certainly provides far more traction to hesitant steps than hard floor.

Regardless of how hard we try or how many high-end vacuums we purchase carpeting is not necessarily the most sterile choice in flooring. While is safe and cushy to have a baby crawl on the carpet and it is certainly comforting to hang out on the floor with your little ones a carpet will always present the challenge of cleanliness, the stress of spills which are common when you have little hands and the concern associated with allergens.

As a parent every penny counts and how you use it will impact the future of your little ones. The cost of solid flooring surfaces is often higher than the cost of carpeting. Having said that the durability of solid surfaces in presentable and welcoming condition is always longer than carpet. In terms of savings we are looking at saving up-front or saving long term. You are the only one that knows your finances well enough to make a wise decision.

At the end my friend decided for a high-end engineered wood flooring combined with occasional rugs. As their boy learned to walk they discovered barefoot feet allowed for a better grip than wearing little socks or shoes.  They also learned that little boys love dragging toys around which has resulted in random scratches. Finally, she tells me that in many ways she does miss having the sense of comfort that comes with a soft and plush carpet.  Your decision regarding flooring is a very personal one but these three factors will help you evaluate your move and prepare you to select the flooring option that will bring the most convenience, cleanliness and comfort to your family while keeping your home beautiful.

If you opt for carpeting select a stain resistant pre-treated carpet. If you opt for solid surface flooring seek a flooring solution that offers an anti-slip option. In making these moves you will get the best of both worlds and have a flooring option that matches your budget and your taste.

Prepared by Stella Brown in partnership with Master’s Touch. Master’s Touch provides carpet cleaning in Mckinney TX.