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CCENT – The First Steps Towards Networking Expertise

The CCENT or Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician represents the invaluable fist steps in your career as a technical network professional and pave the way to the much sort after CCNA, CCNP and even the CCIE certifications. It is a straightforward one-exam qualification, which will give you a globally recognised entry-level certification that will validate the skills you have learnt and help you secure a role in IT Networking.

Who Are Cisco?

Cisco are one of the world leaders in networking solutions. This can include hardware such as routers, hubs and switches, to network design and security issues and covers various data and voice solutions including fixed line, Wifi and cloud computing.  Sure there are other competitors on the market but if you are looking to get into networking then you will probably come across CISCO products, thankfully Cisco are also one of the best providers of global recognised certifications (similar to Microsoft’s) so that you can learn the skills you need then validate them for all to see.

Who is the CCENT For?

The CCENT has been designed by CISCO to be perfect of technical networking professionals looking to enter the industry or who have been in industry only a short time. It validates you skills and abilities in terms of managing, troubleshooting and implementing a small office network and is the first stepping stone towards achieving your CCNA. If you have up to 1 years experience in the field then this is the ideal qualification for you. However if you have more than between 1 and 2 years experience you might want to look at going straight onto the CCNA certification track.

Why Should I Get CCENT Certification

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If you are just starting out in your Career in technical networking then the CCENT could prove invaluable in helping you secure your first role or progress within your current company. The CCENT spells out your skills and abilities to potential hiring managers and if they use Cisco networking they will be looking out for Cisco Certifications on your CV. Not only does it validate the skills you know and what you can offer, getting the CCENT shows that you are dedicated to personal development and committed to a networking career.  By displaying your CCENT on your CV you are demonstrating the attributes that may well put you ahead of the crowd and get you your dream job.

CCENT also has the advantage of being a achievable starting point on your path to achieving higher Cisco qualifications. If you want to be an expert in Networking then remember that a large percentage of companies worldwide utilise Cisco solutions for their networking. As a result they will be looking for and you will want to get Cisco Certifications. CCENT is the perfect starting point to launch you networking career.

Where Can I take the Exam?

Cisco certification exams are managed by Pearson VUE who has testing centres worldwide, so finding a test centre shouldn’t be difficult and there should be one easily accessible to you. Check out the Pearson VUE website to locate your nearest testing centre. If you are studying for your CCENT with a registered provider, then they should be able to advise you on where your nearest centre is located.


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