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Celebrate our Olympic success with a GB inspired décor
Great Britain is buzzing with excitement as it seems home really is an advantage for our talented athletes, I for one have been peeled to the screen watching the games unfold in exhilaration as I discover an enthusiasm for sports I didn’t even know existed!

What better way to get involved than by getting creative with our nations colours red, white and blue, don’t be put off into thinking you can’t make a stunning design, I will make sure I show you how to be patriotic and stylish at the same time, 2012 will really leave a lasting memory in your home and mind. After all, we are lucky to be part of this wonderful moment in British history!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Now, don’t go with the wind and paint each wall a different shade of the union jack, but rather incorporate those key colours into stunning accessories throughout your room, the colours against a neutral background look particularly stylish and beige walls and light floors is the starting point to your union jack inspired décor.

A splash of red, white and blue

Red is the colour of passion, romance and love rolled into one, spices up with a hint of anger, it evokes a number of feelings in us yet doesn’t work as a primary colour scheme. Incorporate red into accessories such as a vibrant throw for your sofa, a glowing lamp red lamp shade which projects a stunning shade of red throughout your room or even a beautiful bouquet of red flowers sat on a chic white painted table.

Dark blue is an elegant shade, where light blue can open up a room and make it feel airy, dark blue adds a touch of class and elegance into a shabby chic setting. Dark colours highlight any other design features in a room and make them stand out next to its elegant background, picture tall white candles set on bronzed candle holders resting on the wall. Consider teaming silky midnight blue cushions set on a soft red throw on a cream couch to stylishly combine the colours of the union jack.

Patriotic pieces

Who knew the union jack would become a firm favourite amongst interior designers!? I for one didn’t, but now I am more than excited to embrace the trend as I find myself full with British pride during the Olympic Games.

Interior shops are awash with loads of stunning products and we have seen them feature in homes in so many forms from mugs, clock faces and pillows to knitted chairs and quilted stools; you will not be stuck for choice when considering a funky union jack design.

They key is not to go overboard, you want to choose one key union jack designed piece to fit into your chic room, browse the internet for some design inspiration, there are numerous union jack inspired interior design blogs; helping you to turn your room into a patriotic haven you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Alexi is an interior design enthusiast who loves everything British, she works for home furniture range, who stock a beautiful range of occasional furniture.