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Celebrate The Summer In Style

Summer means different things to different people. For a lot of guys for example, it will be filled with a variety of football, golf and whatever else it is that captivates the male mind in times of sun and summer. I’m pretty sure that it’ll include beer and competition.

For us girls we want to celebrate the summer in style but we don’t want to make it look like it took too much of an effort. After all, buying women’s clothes online takes the hassle out of the shopping part! First of all, let me pass on a few tips for looking good on a night or day out:

1. Back to basics – Shower – Shaved legs. Check. Hair wash. Check. Moisturised from head to toe. Check. Having a sense of pride and style will affect you without you realising it. Make time look after yourself.
2. Hair – Style your hair or re-invent your old hair style. This summer could be your summer to be the new you
3. Makeup/Body products – You don’t need to go over the top if make-up isn’t for you. Find out what works for you and what gives you that healthy glow. We’re not all naturally blessed with a perfect complexion but focus on what you do have and make it that bit more striking.

These steps are all about building a foundation for your summer style; feel good about you.
Summer brings on the usual onslaught of wedding receptions, barbeques (both your own and other peoples) and garden parties. Now is the time to change your wardrobe. It doesn’t feel like summer right now in the UK, although it’s pretty warm in Europe right now, but don’t let that hold you back making the right dress purchases for summer.
Shopping online for women’s clothing takes the pressure off but what should you be looking for?

Light vs Dark
We are all taught during our youth that Black clothing absorbs the light and Light clothing reflects the light. This isn’t just some useless old wives tale our parents fed us, this is genuine, so make sure your wardrobe reflects this. Floral prints are great for the summer as are bright colours – project a happy go lucky image

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Light fitting vs Tight fitting
Flowing carefree dresses are better in the hot fitting than something tight fitting. Not only is the tight fitting clothing constricting, it’ll eventually make you over heat and there is nothing stylish about perspiring at your friends baby shower. Light fitting clothing doesn’t mean you lose your shape; far from it.

Shorts vs Hot pants
Wow, whatever you do, don’t be ‘that’ girl who wear shorts so short they leave nothing to the imagination. It might be hot but remain covered up at all times. Hot pants aren’t necessarily ruled out, but they need to be worn with caution. Long shorts reaching to just above your knees are stylish, in fashion and don’t flaunt all your assets.

Online vs the high street
I know, I know; there is nothing quite like getting to try everything on when you shop on the high street, but buying women’s clothing online really takes the hassle out of things. You can see reviews, what items other people bought with the piece of clothing you’ve chosen, and can generally be the best guide on how to be stylish and remain on trend at the same time. You’re not fighting the sweaty shopping crowds in the comfort of your own home either.

Where can you wear your new amazing wardrobe?
Celebrating your summer in style isn’t all about what you’re wearing. Where can you show it all off? Girls; Now is the time to hint about that long weekend away with your boyfriend or the week away with your girlfriends. If the weather isn’t working for you, work for the weather and get yourself some luxury.
There are always events you can get yourself to in the UK: Canary Wharf offers some of the best music and dance performances in the Capital all through the summer. Whereas the West End and Royal Opera house offer a lot more musical and theatre delights

With plenty of European Festivals going on throughout 2012, become a social and style butterfly; why can’t you make this summer the season of having a different style for every day of the week?

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This is a guest post by Liz Conaty. Liz is a part time blogger but full time fashionista.  During the summer months you’ll find Liz perusing through womens clothing stores or out and about in a summery womens dress.

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