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Celebrity Style Apps

When shopping for the perfect dresses for wedding guests, many people turn to celebrities for inspiration.

From the young and hip to those who are still looking effortlessly stylish into their twilight years, the celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration. The beauty of being a film, pop or media superstar means that your average celeb can go to more parties and events in a single week than most of us could hope to in a year – and that means that they wear a lot of dresses!

Of course, not everyone has the money that the glitterati have to spend on dresses, shoes and accessories, but thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to copy celebrity style and when you’ve got a wedding to go to, having a touch of classic Hollywood, London Chic or Paris style on your side could prove invaluable.

Thank goodness for Apps

When looking for style inspiration now, the majority of us like the information easily accessible and on the go, and this is where Apps come in. An App is a software application which you can download to a smart phone and which acts like a programme on your phone.

Apps come in many different forms and formats but the beauty is that for whatever you want, from styling to music and media to help with work, there is an app for just about everything – including celebrity style copying:


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Trendabl is one of the newest Apps on the market and has launched with quite a few celebrities already singing its praises. It’s been billed as a form of “Instagram for fashion” and allows users to upload and share pictures of fashion, and add tags for labels, locations and other factors. The App also allows commenting on pictures and “likes” and is currently being used and celebrated by the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Harley and Whitney Port.


Pose works in a similar way and is a favourite of legendary stylish Rachel Zoe who was handpicked to work on the App. The app allows you to take photos and share but where it differs from others is from the group of “posers”, which is to say celebrities, stylists and fashion insiders who also add their own favourites for your inspiration – very handy when you’re trying to find dresses for wedding guests.


Opensky is one of the few Ecommerce Apps dedicated to fashion and allows the user to shop among items which have been recommended by celebrated dressers such as Julianne Moore. Many of the products on Opensky are discounted and you can customise who you follow on the App.


This App is very similar to Pinterest but allows people to share pictures of clothes they love and which can be brought with proceeds (or a portion thereof) going to charity). The site has a huge celebrity following with the A-Listers posting their favourites and fans bidding for those items. Among users are Ivanka Trump, Zooey Deschanel, and Dita Von Teese

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