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Whether you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom or simply want a new bathtub, there is so much choice when it comes to selecting your new bath that making just this decision alone can be a tough one.

As well as deciding on the particular type of bath, you also need to consider factors like your bathroom’s design, shape and size, as well as budget.

Bathroom design

You’ll probably want a bathtub that is in keeping with the look and feel of your bathroom – whether you’re upgrading both or not, the design will be a factor in your choice of bath. The design influences whether your ideal bath has clean lines or more of a luxuriously curved look, for example.

The size of your bathroom will dictate your choice to a certain extent also, especially if the space is fairly small. You’ll need to consider a compact bath such as a corner bath, and you’re unlikely to be able to have both a bath and shower so you may need to look at shower baths that combine the two into one.

The good news is the range of baths means regardless of bathroom size you should still have plenty of models to choose between. Shape is another element of the decision, and will depend again on your bathroom’s design. For example, a corner bath suits unusually shaped rooms whereas a large space may complement a freestanding model.

You should also keep in mind the people that will be using the bath so you can at the very least make sure the bath is big enough! If, for example, the bathroom is small and the people fairly big it may be a more sensible option to have a shower installed instead of a bathtub. And if you have young children, be aware that some options like freestanding baths can have exposed pipework and may not be suitable.


Naturally, how much you have to spend on a bathtub will impact on your final decision. It may be you want a practical, straightforward and inexpensive bath that simply does what it’s meant to do. Or you might be looking for the height of luxury and a tub that elevates the overall feel of your bathroom and becomes a focal point.

Bath type

The two main types of bath available are steel and acrylic, and there are good reasons for considering either material. Steel baths are rigid and long-lasting, and although they are cold to the touch they keep water hotter for longer once warmed up. Plus they have an enamel finish that means they often have a sheen and are able to resist damage from cleaning products, keeping their clean look for longer as a result.

Acrylic baths tend to be cheaper, feel warm to the touch but lose heat more quickly than steel models once filled with water, and are less likely to chip although they can be prone to surface scratches. These baths come in a range of sizes and shapes, and are lightweight, providing you with versatility. Whether you select steel or acrylic will come down to personal preference, bathroom design and budget.

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