Choosing A Short Sale Expert Over An Attorney

Choosing A Short Sale Expert Over An Attorney

Why a short sale expert instead of an attorney? That seems to be the buzz of the questions flowing through the many home owners who are at a loss in the unexpected events that have ended them at a short sale. With the housing market dropping and the debt of society escalating beyond our even worse expectations it is not unusual to find a home owner who is struggling or losing their home.

A short sale is no more than the home owner making a deal with the mortgage or finance company to take a lesser amount of money than what is owed on the loan. The balance is forgiven and not held against the home owner. A short sale is a better option for the home owner for several reasons. With a short sale they have some future options of better credit ratings, option to repurchase another home within 90 days in place of 7 years, a possible refund of cash at closing, no cost to them, approval as quick as 30 days, normally finished within 120 days, and to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.

The many reasons why a short sale is a better option to a home owner in debt are obvious. So why use a short sales expert? Or is it best to use an attorney? The ever so easy answer to that question would be to use the simple logic, if you were sick would you see the doctor or the meat market man? Why use an attorney? You don’t want legal advice for what to do. It is obvious if you are in need of a short sale and you will know when that time has come. You do not need to spend undue money on attorney fees and costs for them to tell you what a short sales expert can tell you for free!

The short sales expert understands the intense trail of paper work and deadlines that must be made and met to have a successful short sale. An attorney knows and understands the law. A short sales expert knows and understands a short sale. Not to mention a short sales expert is paid from the lender not the home owner. Short sales experts are also known to get more money for the home owner out of negotiations. Short sales is their trade and their job is to help the home owner save money and come out with the upper hand of the short sale.

Quentin K. is a real estate expert and blogger. He wrote this article on behalf of Las Vegas Short Sale experts at Rothwell Gornt.

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