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Choosing an Assisted-living Facility for Your Loved One

When a loved one can no longer efficiently care for themselves due to old age or illness, an assisted-living facility may be the best option to help your loved one live a high-quality life in a relaxing and friendly environment. Assisted-living facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia offer the highest level of quality care in the Pittsburgh tri-state area. When searching for an assisted-living facility, it’s important to explore all of your options with your loved one’s needs and desires in mind. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for assisted-living facilities:

What activities do they offer?
Depending on the mental and physical state of your loved one, there are often many events and activities hosted by a campus facility where everyone can socialize with one another and enjoy some quality entertainment. Your loved one may get to experience activities and events that they normally wouldn’t due to the convenience of having these things so close by with people to help them get to and from these activities. These activities can include art studios, libraries and choruses, just to name a few.

Can the facility fulfill the needs of your loved one?
It’s important to find out what services are offered and if they can fulfill the needs of your loved one. Ask about their campus security, health centers, emergency services and other services that will affect your loved one. A great assisted-living facility will include services such as nursing care, rehabilitative therapy and more. The facility you choose should make your loved one’s life easier, providing them with a happy, hassle-free lifestyle. With utilities, building maintenance, grounds keeping and more, a good assisted-living facility should require no work from your loved one.

What is the campus like?
Does the campus provide your entire loved one’s needs and desires at a fair cost? It’s important to look into rooming, dining and amenity options when deciding upon the best facility to suit your needs. The environment of the facility is just as important as the services and your loved one should feel right at home. Whether he or she loves gardens and nature, or is looking for an ideal location close to shopping and restaurants, environment is a major component to find a place that makes your loved one happy.

The last question you should ask yourself is, “Will my loved one be happy here?” This is the most important aspect of choosing an assisted-living facility. Whether you’re looking for assisted-living facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, you must be sure that your loved one will be happy there and you will have the peace of mind that he or she is well taken care of and living their life to the full extent.

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