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If you think that a particular room in your home could use rugs to add a little extra touch to your home interior, then picking the right rug can be a simple and quick way of attaining this. With a lot of different styles available, you could end up facing a lot of selection problems along the way. You can find a limitless variety of patterns that can be purchased. However, if you prefer patterned rugs, the main problem is choosing the one that will fit perfectly with your current decor. With this in mind, plain rugs can be the least complicated purchase to make because you only have to complement one color with the rest of designs in the room.

  • The Overall Calming Effect of Plain Rugs

When compared with patterned rugs, plain rugs provide an overall calming effect. These types of rugs are a great way to incorporate an elegant design to your room. You will find a wide range of selections of colors, pile depths, and weaves that will blend perfectly with your home decor. On the other hand, picking a contrasting plain color can give you a visual impact without getting the disharmonious effect of a patterned design in an otherwise coordinated modern setting.

With a lot of colors available, it is simple and easy to find a rug that will match the current style and design of your home. You may now have a set color scheme and you want to have a rug that has the same color. However, if your home has a relatively neutral style that is made up of light browns, whites, and creams, you can always pick a bold, dark color rug to counterbalance with the rest of your home furniture and decor. Whatever it is you want, you’ll be able to find a nice rug color that will suit your taste.

  • Plain Wool Rugs Adds Ambience and Warmth to Your Room

Regardless of how simple the decor scheme of your home, a plain, deep pile wool rug can add an ambiance and immediate warmth to your room. In addition, a sculptured-pile plain rug adds interest and depth and will fit well with modern room designs. If you want to keep a clean sharp appearance of a modern room setting, a flat-weave, rectangular, plain rug will add a nice touch without having the unnecessary elaborateness in design details. Plain wool rugs are perfect for interiors that have a cottage style because they won’t conflict with tapestry-based or chintz soft furnishings. On the other hand, if you intend to have a rustic look, it is recommended to choose a plain jute or sisal rug. A rustic look can also be achieved through the aid of a plain man-made fiber or Berber weave in wool. Natural color tones also fit well with a lot of modern home color schemes.

  • Plain Rugs are Perfect for Any Room Size

The room size you want your new rug to be placed must not be a problem at all because you will usually be able to obtain each color or style of rug in a number of different sizes. If you find the right color of rug to be placed in your living room, then you can find something of an appropriate size. However, this will also rely on your personal preference because you may want a large area rug that can cover a big portion of the floor area or you may just want the simple look by having a smaller one.

In bigger rooms, plain rugs may be used to accentuate the colors in bold wallpaper patterns without making the area look too cluttered or busy. Large rugs are becoming more popular in today’s world of tiled, wood, and laminate floorings for living areas, extra-large plain rugs are perfect for these modern settings. A large plain rug with a coordinating color does not only provide sound insulation and warmth but also keeps the clean-cut contemporary ambiance of the area. Plain rugs fit perfectly into the tranquil ambiance of a bedroom and one can really experience a good mood after stepping out of bed. Plain rugs can also provide a luxuriously warm ambiance on a cold winter morning.

Plain rugs can be purchased in a number of materials from best organic fibers like wool to synthetic materials like acrylic. Again, the kind of rug that you select will going to rely on your budget and personal taste since natural fibers can be more costly. Whatever your home decor is, choosing the best rug must not be too complicated. If you are not sure about what types of fibers or styles to choose, then it’s always a smart move to contact a rug retail store and see if they will be able to provide you with all the help and advice needed.

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