Choosing The Best Home To Keep You Comfortable In Hot Climates

Choosing The Best Home To Keep You Comfortable In Hot Climates

Whether you are building a new home or looking through the real estate listings to purchase a new house, one thing you always need to consider is the climate of the new place where you will live. Living in hot climates such as Texas, or hot and humid climates such as Florida, requires the homeowner to consider the way the home is built to properly keep you cool during the soaring temperatures while not soaking in moisture and rotting in humid weather.

So put aside the carpet samples on how you want to decorate your home and instead follow this simple advice on choosing the right home for the hot climate you will be living in.

Wooden Homes versus Masonry Walls
Homes located in the southern part of the United States have to offer walls to keep the cool air in the home, force the hot air outside, and prevent the moisture from humidity from soaking inside. Homes in very dry climates with little moisture are commonly made out of wood.

Wood frame walls offer the best energy savings while giving you the optimal air-conditioned space, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. With the use of pressure treated wood and rigid insulation, wooden homes are most commonly found in the south around Texas and Arizona.

If you will have to deal with a lot of humidity and moisture, such as areas located in Florida and Louisiana, then you should look for a home, or build a new home, using masonry walls or concrete walls. Having a completely sealed surface prevents moisture from building up inside the home which could cause serious mold and mildew problems.

You can place stucco and wood over the exterior of masonry walls, and brick or decorative stone veneer over concrete. Always search for homes that have windows that face to the north or the south. This reduces the amount of heat from the strong sunlight as the sun moves from east to west, according to Green Building Look for homes that have the best shading from trees or roof overhangs that shade windows, keeping the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level. Also, homes that have ceramic tiles instead of carpet will also help with the inside temperature.

Enjoy Your New Home in Hot Climates
Now that you found the right home that will last for a long time in the hot climate, enjoy the beautiful weather while keeping cool. Set up the lawn chair and bask in the beautiful warm sunlight.

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