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There are many reasons to get a family portrait professionally taken. It could be a nice gift, something for your home, or for a family greeting card. No matter what your reasoning is behind getting the portraits done, if you want them taken outdoors you will need to find the perfect location. Reading glamour shots locations reviews helps, but here are some tips to ensure that you pick the best spot for your photos.

It’s About Your Family, Not The Space

One of the biggest mistakes families make when choosing an outdoor photo shoot location is they pick a place that is beautiful, but very distracting. In your photos you of course want a lovely background, that is most likely why you are choosing outdoor photos, but you do not want the location to be so ornate that it distracts from the most important aspect of the picture—your family. Do not choose a place where there will be constant interruptions from people walking around and also remember that you want the focus to be on your family not the location.

Show Your Personality

If your family is more formal than outdoor shoots may not be the best option. Portraits taking outdoors tend to be much more informal than studio shots, but it does offer a unique opportunity for the family to show off their personalities. Try and pick a location that represents your family’s interests and passions. For example, if you are constantly traveling to tropical locations, than perhaps a portrait taken on the beach would be best. If you like snow sports, maybe have your portraits taken outside in the winter, snow can be an amazingly fun prop.

Be Aware of Lighting

You do not want to choose a location that will have very difficult lighting settings for your photographer. The best time of day to take pictures is in the morning or just before sunset. Try to pick a location that is neither too shady nor too bright—keeping this in mind will really make the final product better.

Do Your Research

Your best bet is to take a look at glamour shots locations reviews in your area. See what kinds of experiences other families have had in your city or town before making a decision as to where you want your family portraits to be taken. Once you find the location, be prepared for a fun family experience that will create lasting memories.

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