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An investment in yard work tools pays you back ten fold: You can complete yard work faster and easier with the right tools. Choose quality pieces and you’ll get use from them for years to come. Round out your landscaping tools this season, then get your yard in shape with a robust spring cleaning.

Mower: Both push and riding mowers get the job done, but aren’t suited equally to every type of yard. Push lawnmowers work well for small yards and those with intricate landscape features that require careful trimming. Push mowers also handle yards with steep drop offs, where a riding mower may struggle to go uphill. Riding mowers handle large yards where a push mower would be impractical; they’re also robust enough for thick grass, wet grass and weedy or brushy areas.

Cleanup tools: Cleanup equipment, such as wheelbarrows, carts and yard waste bags or barrels are necessary for spring cleanups and smaller tasks. Look for biodegradable paper lawn bags or purchase a reusable plastic yard waste bin. Of course, if you choose to compost your outdoor waste, you can simply load your wheelbarrow with grass clippings and add these to the compost pile.

Maintenance tools: Invest in a sturdy rake to clean up fallen leaves around garden beds and rake autumn leaves come fall. Hedge clippers and lopping pruners keep shrubs from becoming overgrown in the heat of summer. Anvil or bypass clippers work for pruning tiny twigs, rose bush and berry bush canes and perennial plants. Thinking ahead to chilly weather, pick up snow shovels for taking care of the snow and eco-friendly sand to prevent slips on snow or ice.

Garden tools: It’s easier to have a green thumb when you’ve got the right tools. Whether you grow large vegetable beds or prefer to keep your gardening to a few window boxes, invest in basic garden tools. If you plan to work garden begs, pick up a bow rake to loosen the soil and a round-headed shovel to dig in your garden bed. Flat shovels work for transferring material to a compost pile or performing light digging. You’ll also want a trowel or cultivator for digging small holes and some type of hoe for weeding. If you don’t have one, you’ll need a garden hose and may prefer to pick up a hose reel for neat storage of your garden hose. Finally, don’t forget garden gloves to protect your hands.

Additional tools: While you’ll be all set with the tools above, invest in some additional aids to make gardening and yard work more comfortable. Rolling work seats or kneeling pads may prevent muscle strain that can arise from the repetitive nature of yard work. A collapsible leaf bag stores well for easy maintenance and may be easier to fill than tall leaf bags. Look for sturdy shoes, such as gardening clogs or lightweight work boots, which offer the unbeatable combination of comfort and protection.

Many outdoor and home goods stores offer seasonal deals on landscaping equipment. Shop now to score winter landscape needs at super saver prices and to get a bit of a price break on those tools you’ll use for spring cleanup. Then put your tools to work transforming your yard for spring and summer.