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With so many sofa styles, fabrics and colours available it can be difficult to choose the right one. As a rule of thumb, sofas with rounder arms tend to be more traditional, whereas the contemporary styles are lower with square arms and block feet.

Available Sofa Styles
Traditional camelback sofas are similar to Chippendale sofas. Made famous in the eighteenth century, these usually have an arched or serpentine back and rolled arms and the traditional leather Chippendales are also tight and well tufted.

The Knole sofa is often seen in English country houses. This sofa has a high back and arms of the same height, originally designed to keep draughts away from those sat on the sofa. Some sofas are also available with French influences, including the Cabriole. The back of this sofa curves continuously into the arms and it has high thin legs and often a wooden trim around its upholstery.

Sectional or modular sofas are now very popular. With chairs, stools, sofas and chaise on offer, many people find that modular sofas are a simple solution for small rooms, or even allow the creation of a large family lounging area in the home. The traditional family three seater, sometimes known as a Bridgewater sofa, is still a favourite with many families.

For those who have less room, loveseats can fit two people on comfortably, taking up less room than the conventional sofa. Recliner sofas allow the back of the sofa to recline as well as allow the footrest to rise. Some recliner sofas only offer one reclining section, whereas others offer all three. Sofa beds are also a popular addition to living rooms as these are ideal for unexpected guests and are usually available within many sofa ranges.

Some homeowners may also be looking for a different style for the living room. Rattan furniture can add a colonial look to a room and with rattan furniture sale offers a common occurrence, there is no shortage of rattan inspiration.

The Living Room
When selecting a new sofa, it is also important to consider the size of the room and whether the sofa will be a focal point in the room. Sofas that will draw the eye are often in bold, bright colours or with large prints. Current trends in 2012 include the ‘Rule Britannia’ theme, with sofas available in red, white and blue. Other purchasers may require a more neutral colour and design to blend in with existing décor.

Fabric or Leather?
Whether to choose fabric or leather is always a personal preference. Italian leather is the benchmark for leather sofas and leather is often available in a range of colours and finish. Leather sofas do require occasional cleaning and treating to keep them looking their best. Many people select fabric sofas as they offer the largest selection of styles, colours and patterns and are also treated to prevent stains.

The function of the sofa is also important. For those who have restricted mobility, a low sofa with soft arms may not be the best choice whereas a soft sofa may be perfect for someone who wants to stretch out and relax after work. Those with a young family need a hardwearing sofa that will survive rough play and messy fingers.

A good sofa is an investment and will be in the home for many years to come. This is just one more reason why anyone looking to purchase a new sofa should spend considerable time researching styles, colours and fabrics before buying their new addition.

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